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By Larry Peace

Daddy Issues After Dark: A Queer Drenched Event

February 15, 2023

I had the privilege of chatting with the Minnesota natives to take a deeper dive into Daddy Issues, learn what sets it apart from other events and why this event is worth checking out.

How did Daddy Issues After Dark come about and what contributes to its rapid success?
There are so many reasons for the creation, but what we found is an audience that doesn’t want to hear the popular club tracks. We also wanted to create a space that celebrates music and the kind of place where you walk in and immediately feel like home. It’s a space of joy (which Peter likes to call “going to church”). Life is tough enough and if you can go into a space and be moved, it’s a transformation we all need and that’s what we’ve created here. We’re just growing something. We planted a seed and it’s growing. We really can’t call it our own. It’s its own thing and that’s what’s so great.

What does Daddy Issues mean? I am sure people have their own interpretations, but could you guys tell us in your own words? Is it a party for just one group of people? 
To us the word “daddy” is genderless. It’s everyone. We are celebrating the older queers, trans, lesbian, daddy bears and so on. There’s such an eclectic vibe similar to Andy Warhol’s Factory parties.

Tyler and Peter both have a history with music, which has inspired the look and sound of Daddy Issues After Dark. Tyler grew up in the the 90s on Chicago House. While living in New York City, he was introduced to legendary clubs like Paradise Garage and DJ Larry Levan (amongst many others). Peter (aka Tender Ness) thinks of himself as a steward or host. As both DJ and recording artist, his musical range runs from exotica 60s jazz and lounge music to the soulful sounds he puts down at Daddy Issues After Dark. This combined with the additional roster of talent make up the sound and vibe of each event.

You have a great roster of talent. How do you go about selecting your DJs?
There’s so much local talent and we want to showcase as much of that as we can. We have a growing roster and we are attracting creative folks like Dean Frisbee, who makes his own edits. John Murph has been integral to Daddy Issues. He’s a steward of music and so detailed with his musical knowledge. There’s always a message of love or justice in his work. I think it’s daring to play music about love and joy. His new album is full of love and there’s definitely a message in his music. 

What’s coming up for Daddy Issues After Dark? Anything you can share with our readers at the moment?
We have a few things coming and we are always open to suggestions. We want the event to feel as organic as possible and not calculated to the point that it loses its magic. We are looking at an all-vinyl night. That’s the real deal—when you can spin on vinyl. August is our one-year anniversary and we are planning something epic. This weekend’s event is our “Founders Night” which is just the two of us (Tyler and Peter) spinning all night. We want to surprise ourselves with the sets we’re playing. It’s both challenging and exciting.

Before we go, where can our readers find your mixed-sets and releases?
Instagram, Mixcloud, Bandcamp.

Thank you both for taking time to talk with us. I’m a big fan and I love what you’re doing. It’s been great chatting with you.

It was indeed a great conversation. We could’ve carried on for quite some time. I hope we’ve offered enough to entice you to go and check out Daddy Issues After Dark at Beast BBQ (just down the street from Lush Lounge & Theater). The food upstairs is good and so is the party downstairs. Be sure to follow @daddyissuesmpls, @tender__ness (Peter Witrak), and @tylercopeland on instagram and I hope to see you at the next Daddy Issues After Dark function on Feb. 18, 9 p.m.—close.

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