John Duff 
Somebody's Daughter

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John Duff Is Ambiguously Not-Not Straight in “Somebody’s Daughter”

August 30, 2023

His New Straight-Baiting Single and Video

In “Somebody’s Daughter,” his crooning ballad about unattainable and momentarily-rewarding sexual relationships, out artist John Duff turns the tables on gay baiting music artists like Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, and Nick Jonas.  “Honestly, every artist today is gay baiting and LGBTQ+ media eats it up,” he says. “Maluma took off his shirt; give it a grid post! As though every freaking gay isn’t posting shirtless pictures every day.  It’s exhausting.  That’s why I’m going against the grain in my new song and video - I’m straight baiting.  Maybe, now, I can be fetishized too.”  John Duff’s “Somebody’s Daughter” is being distributed independently and will be available Friday, September 1 on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  Its video will available on YouTube.

“You see, when you start out gay in the industry, you’re reduced to being a niche artist or comedy act,” John Duff asserts from his Los Angeles home.  “I have been told over and over that the themes of my music aren’t ‘for everyone,’ so I wrote a super misogynistic song that now ‘everyone’ can enjoy.”

Produced by John Duff, Alex Delicata, Eren Canatta, and Luke Moellman, “Somebody’s Daughter” is about a phenomenon many young people, gay and straight, face today.  They want love but then devote all of their energy on heated one night hook ups, rather than on relationships with substance. 

The visual, directed by Shawn Adeli (who also directed John Duff’s “High Heels” video), reflects on the song’s theme.  It spotlights a couple that are clearly not right for one another, but takes the story a step deeper by exploring the underground world of adult porn and social media platforms like OnlyFans where users pay influencers for access to exclusive, often salacious, content.

Duff was inspired to take this direction for the video when the respectability of his work was questioned by another gay music artist.  “I felt judged for my overt sexuality. He said, ‘audiences want a spiritual connection, not sex.’  I told him that’s code for: no one wants to see you naked.”

“My spirit is wild, fun, and free and as a performer, I am shameless,” John Duff continues.   “As far as I’m concerned, shamelessness in your body and sexuality is a step toward enlightenment. Not away.”

He views porn as an art form - “Sex is theatre and bodies are sculptures” - and champions freedom of sexuality.  It’s why he has decided to bust out of the closet as not-not straight. “Like how Diplo is not-not gay,” he explains. “I can’t confirm or deny, I’m just saying I’m not-not and seeing how that goes over when I spin it the other way.”

As far as the kissing scene with actress Nellie Salisbury, his co-star in the video, John Duff insists it wasn’t his first experience with a female.   “To paraphrase Diplo, I’m pretty sure I hookup with women all the time.”

John Duff’s “Somebody’s Daughter” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on YouTube. 

Stewart Taylor 
“Favorite Ex,” reflects on how every party must eventually come to an end. 

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Stewart Taylor Releases New Song"Favorite Ex" and Video.

September 13, 2023

In his latest single release, “Favorite Ex,” out artist Stewart Taylor sings about an old flame he regretfully had to extinguish.  “We ended things when I left New York to pursue my career in Los Angeles,” he explains. “We both knew life would eventually take me out West and that our time together was limited, but I often wonder what would’ve been had I stayed.”   The song merges eighties vibes with today’s pop and R&B and is the second ballad Stewart Taylor has written about his former lover.  His debut single, “Mess Your Hair Up”, released in 2019, is about him too.  Stewart says that years later, on a phone call, he thanked his ex for being so wonderful and told him that he was in fact, his favorite ex.   “I look back and smile about what we had.”    Produced by Romanian hitmaker MADS (David Guetta, Imagine Dragons), Stewart Taylor’s “Favorite Ex” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on Youtube.
The video for “Favorite Ex” is a captivating reflection of the song.  Its’ gorgeous ocean vistas (filmed in Malibu) and sweeping desert scenes (filmed in the Mojave Desert) whisk viewers through the tumultuousness of an unwelcome breakup.  “Walking through the desert for hours on end had me in awe and also brought up some very heavy feelings.” Stewart recalls.  “It really captured the sadness I felt when leaving the relationship.”

The video draws inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and its theme that every party eventually has to end.  As they do in the novel, beautiful things fall apart.  The chandelier on the desert floor represents the end of opulence in the relationship, while the white roses represent the end of the romance.

Benjamin Farren directed the video.  Julie Vegliante, ho has worked with Lady Gaga, choreographed, and German designer Joseph Auren designed and styled Stewart’s looks in the video.  “The beautiful outfits are among my favorite parts of the ‘Favorite Ex’ video,” Stewart says.   “While filming, I imagined myself as a lonely prince, dressed to the nines and surrounded by all of this beauty with no one to share it with.”
He admits that, in real life, learning his former lover had found someone new was especially difficult for Stewart to come to terms with.  “In the song, I fantasize about getting back with my ex and stealing him from his new man, but I would never actually do something like that,” he laughs.  “I definitely took some poetic license for that one!”

Stewart Taylor is an LA-based singer, songwriter, dancer, and MMG actor/model. He grew up in a small town outside of New York City, where he began writing songs and performing in local talent shows and Lower East Side clubs. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, he's collaborated with Grammy-nominated songwriters and producers including Charlie Puth and Kara DioGuardi and has penned songs for Romanian pop star Antonia, American Idol's David Hernandez, and RuPaul’s Drag Race’s JuJu Bee, Mo Heart, and Manila Luzon.

He has also released several singles including his funk and R&B inspired debut single “Mess Your Hair Up” and 2022’s “Maybe We Shouldn’t Talk”.

Stewart Taylor is an active voice in the LGBTQ+ community and his coming out story was featured in the New York Times bestselling book, It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living.

The Hector Fonseca and Thiago Dukky remix of “Favorite Ex” will drop on Friday, September 8th, followed by the DJ Mentol and Scott Storch remix later in the month.

Stewart Taylor’s “Favorite Ex” is being distributed independentlyand is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on YouTube. Follow on IG @imstewarttaylor and

Magnus Riise 

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Magnus Riise releases "Earthquake" music video starring Barrett Foa from NCIS: LA!

August 30, 2023

The new music video depicts a steamy, tumultuous queer relationship through fantastical underwater sequences and intimate choreography by 2023 MTV VMA-nominee Monika Felice Smith (Best Choreography, Panic! At The Disco’s "Middle of A Breakup").

Indie artist Magnus Riise proudly presents the release of his new music video "Earthquake" starring Barrett Foa, and directed and choreographed by Monika Felice Smith (Bella Poarch’s "Build A B*tch," Doja Cat’s "Attention"). The video opens on a gay couple that looks like they’ve got it all, but the story quickly descends into a toxic, yet intoxicating push-and-pull that lives right below the surface.

Mx Qwerrrk 
OnlyHams: The Piggy's C*nt

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A Collaboration with Ballroom and Drag Queen Track Producer B.Ames 

August 30, 2023

The gender non-binary performance artist, Mx Qwerrrk, will release her debut single “OnlyHams (The Piggy’s C*nt)” this Friday.  The song is a collaboration with New Orleans-based Ballroom and drag queen track producer B.Ames (Bob The Drag Queen, Latrice Royal, Manila Luzon) and is a throbbing celebration of sex positivity and an homage to bountiful ‘bussies’ everywhere! 

Known for her own voguing antics, Qwerrrrk decided her first single should be one where the kiddies could carry, and that meant it had to have queer icon B.Ames at the helm, as co-writer and lead vocalist.   “I have been a fan of Ballroom and voguing for years, even snatched a couple of trophies,” Mx Qwerrrk explains. "When an opportunity presented itself to work with B.Ames, I had to jump on it. We just connected. Some of my favorite tracks by her are ‘Love The Girls‘ with Sinia B. Alaia, and Ts Madison’s ‘Is It On‘. She has that perfect sonic boom mix of tech and a lyrical rhyme scheme that riles the kiddies up on a dancefloor. Somehow, she just understands what a sexy and awkward, piggy and poised fem queen, like me, needs in a sickening beat.”

One Margarita
That Chick Angel

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"One Margarita (Margarita Song) (Saucy Remix)," the new Saucy Santana remix of That Chick Angel's viral hit song, is out now!

August 16, 2023

That Chick Angel levels up her message even further with the “One Margarita (Margarita Song) (Saucy Remix)." Saucy Santana delivers an incandescent rap verse that will have summer club crowds racing to the dance floor. Always sassy, sexy, and scintillating, Saucy is true to form as he quips “Give me one margarita Imma open my mouth, in the club p*ssy popping with my feet on the couch. I’m a bad bitch, make ‘em start a bottle war, get him for his pockets then I ask him what he crying for?"

With an assist from Cindy Crawford, who opens the remix’s music video by recreating her iconic '90s Pepsi commercial and replacing the beverage with a Casamigos margarita, Angel and Saucy have a message for all the Sister Cindy types out there: hot girl summer is here to stay, and the most quintessential Cindy is in full support. Directed by Jake Wilson (Lizzo, Latto, Ava Max), the video features That Chick Angel in a gold glitter outfit and Saucy Santana in ice blue leather corset living their best lives as they party away at Silver Lake’s El Cid restaurant. Further cameos include “One Margarita (Margarita Song)” producers Casa Di and Steve Terrell as bartenders charmed by Crawford, TikToker Terri Joe as a restaurant server, and Angel’s husband Marcus Tanksley as himself.

Gender fluid Jamaican artist breaks barriers with new single

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Gender fluid Jamaican artist Marcilli breaks barriers with their new single ‘Done (Breakup Anthem)’ out now to celebrate Jamaican Independence Day on August 6.

July 19, 2023

One of the hottest and most unique new talents to emerge out of Jamaica’s fertile music scene, vocalist/songwriter Marcilli (they/them) fuses dance music, R&B and Latin pop into an
irresistible brew on their new single, the defiantly incendiary ‘Done (Breakup Anthem)’. Inspired
by the edgier bits of Billie Elish, Rihanna, Suga of BTS and R&B icon Daniel Caesar, Marcilli is
one of the first and few openly queer-identified Jamaican artists, coming out of a strict cultural
heritage that often remains hostile to members of the LGBTQ community.

Marcilli shared their thoughts on the release: "writing this song was born out of some serious
heartbreak and disappointment, but seeing it evolve into the project it is today, gives me such a boost of encouragement. Honestly, it's one of the things I'm most proud of so far, and I really
hope it can inspire others to set their own boundaries and know their damn worth."

Boldly blazing trails, bucking trends and declaring their independence from heartbreak, Marcilli
is pointedly releasing their single right before Jamaican Independence Day, the most important holiday on the island nation, ready to open doors and set an example for future generations ofartists who want to freely express themselves.

Co-written by ace producer Alexx Antaeus, who has previously worked with The Rolling
Stones, Earth Wind and Fire and Julian Marley, ‘Done (Breakup Anthem)’ also features a
Spanish-language vocal turn from New York-based Puerto Rican act Natalis, who has sung on
platinum-selling tracks by J Cole, Kanye West and Popcaan.

If You Could Read My Mind
25th anniversary of 
STARS ON 54 track

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Amber, Ultra Naté and Jocelyn Enriquez celebrate 25th anniversary of STARS ON 54 track “If You Could Read My Mind” from the 54 soundtrack with release of new remixes of the hit single

July 19, 2023

Ahead of next year’s 25th anniversary of her classic self-titled second album, Dutch pop star Amber has released new remixes of “If You Could Read My Mind, one of her most iconic songs and a legendary collaboration with Ultra Naté and Jocelyn Enriquez, collectively known as Stars on 54.

Tommy Boy Records celebrates the official 25th anniversary of the release of “If You Could Read My Mind” with these special remixes of the club hit. The song, a cover of the Gordon Lightfoot classic, was originally released in 1998 for the film 54. It was also a part of the tracklist of Amber’s successful second album and went on to become a global hit, considered by many to be one of the best cover songs of the ‘90s. 

Neil Frances
Let’s Break It Down

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Los Angeles duo NEIL FRANCES (Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry) tap up-and-coming LA hip hop artist St. Panther for their second single together, “Let’s Break It Down.”

July 19, 2023

The new track trades the R&B vibes of “Head Straight” for a ’90s-inspired dance-pop anthem, with St. Panther adding catchy hooks in addition to the fast flows they are known for.

When asked about the track Marc of NEIL FRANCES explains, "We've found a good amount of solace in the club and on the dance floor over the past few years. This song captures that feeling of being able to let go in an accepting environment. It's a bit old school meets new school production, a bit of classic 90's house. The song is about simultaneously breaking down barriers of identity and breaking it down on the dance floor, in a literal sense."

Jordan adds, "My relationship with my brother and his journey embracing his truest self was a big influence on the lyrics initially. In addition to this, given the origins of house music and it’s lasting importance to the LGBTQIA community, we wanted someone from that community represented on the song. Thankfully, St. Panther was into the concept and blessed us with another flawless feature."

St. Panther continues, "Jordan actually shared a pretty personal meaning behind this track with me, which I appreciated.  I love the notion of this song being about embracing your truest self and feeling free to express your identity exactly as it is. There's something so freeing about that, and you can definitely hear it in the music. Feels more than just a queer-adjacent dance track to make the queers feel ok to be who they are… it feels more like, hey, we all have a piece of ourselves we could show up to embrace more. My favorite way to do that is by just throwing on a record that makes me dance unapologetically. This record is that."

The track is the latest offering from their to-be-announced sophomore album, which the duo has been busy in the studio working on and follows 2022 singles “High” featuring PawPaw Rod and “She’s Just The Type Of Girl” featuring dreamcastmoe. Their North American fall headline tour is on-sale and includes stops at Brooklyn Steel in NYC and The Novo in Los Angeles. They are also confirmed for Lollapalooza (festival + late-night show), Red Rocks(opening for Big Wild in July), and several New Zealand and Australian dates. A full list of dates can be found below.

2022 was a banner year for the group, releasing their debut album, There Is No Neil Frances, performing at over sixteen major festivals, including Life Is Beautiful and ACL, opening for Jungle, and more. The debut featured collaborations with Grae and Benny Sings and their 2021 EP, Stay Strong Play Long, featured collaborations with Poolside and Raffaella and included their cover of "Music Sounds Better With You," which has amassed over 150 million streams. 

Stay tuned for more to come from Neil Frances in 2023.

Tom Goss
Remember What It Feels Like

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Tom Goss Reflects on Living, Loving and Losing in His Ninth Studio Album, Remember What It Feels Like. Includes New Single, “Enemy of Good”

July 19, 2023

Tom Goss’ ninth studio album, Remember What It Feels Like, is a clear-eyed look at where he has come from and where he finds himself today: a 42-year-old living in Los Angeles who has lived and loved and lost—and who cherishes all of his memories, both sweet and bitter, as essential parts of his story and identity. The album is an expansive 15-track collection of fast, fun, summery pop songs punctuated by beautiful ballads and raucous rock. Featured artists include comedian and musician Deven Green, hip hop diva Maya La Maya, wry chanteuse Anne Reburn, and Goss's longtime collaborator de ROCHE. The album is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital platforms, along with its new single, “Enemy of Good.” 

“The truth is, most things in life happen for no reason at all, and are completely out of our control,” says Goss from his LA home. “The only thing we can control is how we feel in the moment. There will be sweet times and sad times, highs and lows; I embrace them all. I want to remember what every experience felt like, even those that weren’t pleasant, because ultimately, I am happy with who I am today. I’ve been shaped by every experience and so therefore, all of them have been good.”

Goss has been singing his truth for more than 15 years, creating a large and varied body of work (9 albums, 5 EPs, 39 music videos) that tracks his development both as a man and as an artist. He has transformed the facts of his life—a troubled teen and college wrestler; a student studying to become a priest; touring the country as a gay singer-songwriter; falling in love and getting married; the heartbreak of infidelity and the challenges of an open marriage; being conned by a lover with a secret life—into songs of remarkable range, strength, and beauty. His songs have been featured on ABC, HBO, Disney+, and in several films. His music videos (including “Son of a Preacher Man,” “Breath and Sound,” and “Bears”) have been viewed more than 18 million times.

In “Enemy of Good,” Goss sings about perfectionism, a vice that often masquerades as a virtue. “I'm very self-critical,” he admits. “Even as a kid, I would get frustrated when I felt I fell short on a goal, and my mother would say, ‘Tom, the perfect is the enemy of the good.’  It struck me as powerful, and I continue to notice that my need to achieve perfection does little in the way of producing art, or happiness. Joy and creativity flow when I allow myself to be flawed.”

The song is an uplifting pop track, as reflected in its music video. “The video’s co- director, Catalin Stelian-Shanks, and I said right from the beginning that we didn’t want to overthink the visuals. ‘Enemy of Good’ needed to exuberant and cheerful, like the song. Our goal was to make people smile, laugh, think, and bob their head along.”

The single and album are a departure from Goss’s previous work, the searingly honest Territories, whose dramatic singles and music videos ("La Bufadora," "Berlin," "Amsterdam," and "Québec) captured his tumultuous few years dealing with infidelity, a newly open marriage, and falling in love with a charming Englishman who was not all who he appeared to be. 

With Remember What It Feels Like, Tom Goss says he is at a place of reconciliation.  “Forgiveness is easy,” he reflects. “It's understanding the ‘why?’ that's hard. But I’m letting it go and focusing on the present, because the now is packed with goodness.”

Bobby Newberry
Dopamine Rollercoaster

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Bobby Newberry Releases Debut EP, Dopamine Rollercoaster. Featuring Hit Club Singles “Escape,” “Freak,” and “Ride”

July 05, 2023

Bobby Newberry’s debut album Dopamine Rollercoaster is meant to be a sonic depiction of the frenzied road many of us travel in the pursuit of happiness. “Life is full of ups and downs,” Bobby Newberry reflects from his Los Angeles home. “It can often feel like we're on an emotional rollercoaster, but that's what makes it all worth it. It’s the thrill of the chase, the agony of defeat and that rush of excitement when we finally achieve our goals.”  Newberry whisks listeners on a fantastical psychotropic journey by blending different musical genres throughout the album. There are heart-pounding house beats, electric dance tracks and even some soulful mid tempos.  

“I wrote every song on Dopamine Rollercoaster,” he continues.  “They embody all of the different moments and moods I have experienced in the last few years.”

Songs include “Escape”, a sultry house and disco track with a hypnotic baseline and “Blackout,” Newberry’s party-all-night-long record.  There’s also “Freak,” his high-octane duet with drag star Rhea Litre that encourages listeners to live life authentically and unapologetically and “Ride”, his feel-good summer jam about taking chances and pursuing dreams.

It's important that fans experience that tracks in the order that they are presented on the album.  “I spent a long time arranging them in the proper order,” Newberry laughs.  “Once I locked in their placements, I added outros for certain songs so that the journey felt right.” 

Bobby Newberry began his career in the music industry as a choreographer for Eminem.  He has since worked with a string of the world’s top artists including Nicki Minaj, The Pussycat Dolls, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Wayne.   His choreography work has been seen on TV in Dancing with the Stars and X-Factor.  In 2014, Bobby Newberry released his first single and music video, “Dirrty Up (featuring Jessie and The Toy Boys).”  It was soon after followed by his EP, The Newberry Special.

Sam J Garfield and th3ry produced Dopamine Rollercoaster.  Th3ry, Fia Nyxx, Rhea Litré and Sam J Garfield are among the significant collaborators on the album.

The release of the album is a pivotal moment for Newberry.  “It feels like closure for me. It’s the completion of a major chapter in my life.   

“This is my first full album.  It is something I have wanted to do for some time.  It is something I had to do and I’m proud of the accomplishment.”

He hopes the songs in Dopamine Rollercoaster inspire, energize, and maybe even serves as a soundtrack to someone else’s life adventures. “No matter where you are on your journey, know that you're not alone and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself,” he says.

Bobby Newberry is already hard at work on a second album that will explore the next exciting chapter of his life.  He plans to release it later this summer.

Bobby Newberry’s Dopamine Rollercoaster is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  

Follow Bobby Newberry on Instagram @ bobbynewberry

Rare remix of "One By One"

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Cher Releases Rare Remix of "One By One (Jr's Pride Mix)" Included on Deluxe Limited Edition of Fan Favorite Album, "It's A Man's World"  

July 05, 2023

Cher has released a rare remix of “One By One (JR’s Pride Mix)” from her upcoming deluxe edition of It's A Man's World, which will be available on 4 LPs, 2 CDs, and digitally, on July 14, 2023. 

The It's A Man's World special deluxe limited-edition vinyl box set features a remastered version of the original 14-track UK album on 2 LPs, as well as a newly compiled double LP containing 11 rare remixes. In addition to “One By One (JR’s Pride Mix),” the set includes "Walking In Memphis (Shut Up and Dance Vocal Mix).” A previously unreleased and HD remastered director’s cut of the original “Walking In Memphis” music video is out now.

The 4 LPs in the limited-edition box are each pressed on a different colored vinyl (red, blue, green and yellow). The box includes an exclusive, numbered lithograph of an iconic photograph of Cher. The D2C version, sold via Cher’s official site, features its own exclusive lithograph. The majority of the remixes are available digitally and on vinyl for the first time.

First recorded in London and released in 1995, It’s A Man’s World rocketed to the top 10 in the UK where it was certified Gold. Long considered by Cher superfans as one of her best albums of all time, It’s a Man’s World featured the singles “Walking In Memphis,” “One By One,” “Not Enough Love In the World,” “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” and “Paradise Is Here.” AllMusic's Jose Promis praised the album as “one of the singer’s finest as well as one of her most overlooked and underappreciated works to date.”

The pop artist releases remixes of her hit single “This Is Your Night” from her debut album

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The 25th anniversary of her second hit album also features the Stars on 54 track “If You Could Read My Mind” in 2024 with remixes coming this summer 

June 21, 2023

Ahead of next year’s 25th anniversary of her classic self-titled second album, Dutch pop star Amber is announcing special remixes to two of her most iconic songs: “This Is Your Night” and “If You Could Read My Mind.” Remixes for “This Is Your Night” are available to stream now HERE.

The Grammy-nominated pop diva amassed an impassioned army of fans with four full-length albums and a string of worldwide smash hits that include “This Is Your Night,” “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Sexual (Li Da Di)” and “One More Night.”  Her collection of songs are described as smarter, bolder, and more infectious than your average, paint-by-numbers pop tunes.

Stream/Download the remixes for “This Is Your Night” HERE
Pre-save the remixes for “If You Could Read My Mind” HERE

Releases their liberatory debut EP Y2K Is Dead

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Acclaimed electro-pop duo BOY2K release their liberatory debut EP Y2K Is Dead on June 22 in celebration of Pride Month

June 21, 2023

Just in time for Pride Month, celebrated electro pop duo BOY2K releases their revelatory debut
EP. Combining the groove of modern dance music with the irresistible songcraft of acts like Sofi
Tukker, PNAU, Empire of The Sun, Scissor Sisters and AR/CO, Y2K Is Dead is both a confetti-gun call-to-arms and a celebration of the radical and connective power of dance music.

Advance listen here Pre-save here

Keeana Kee
Lesbian pop artist release their new single

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Lesbian pop artist KEEANA KEE and rapper DAI BURGER release their new single and music video for “NUMB” Video features an all-lesbian cast

June 21, 2023

Lesbian pop artist Keeana Kee and rapper Dai Burger release their sensational new club song “NUMB.” The dynamic party track conveys an empowering, uplifting message of self-love, telling listeners that pain is only temporary and sometimes you just have to take your mind off of things and heal. Written and recorded in Los Angeles, the song is produced by The Track Burnaz.

Listen to “NUMB” HERE

Johnny Manuel
Queer music artist releases brand new single

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Queer music artist Johnny Manuel releases brand new single “End Of The Night”

June 21, 2023

Prolific queer artist Johnny Manuel has released “End Of The Night,” the lead single from his upcoming second EP, Blue, out later this year. Johnny has also released the music video for the song. “End Of The Night” sets the scene for what should feel like the best night of your life. Featuring stunning live strings and drums, the upbeat track is a relatable love story you can dance to. The song was written by Johnny Manuel, Aidan Laprete, and Mischa Mandel and produced by Laprete.

Listen to the single HERE

Releases her debut single “Don’t Say Love”

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Leigh-Anne releases her debut single “Don’t Say Love” with an accompanying music video, out now via Warner Records.

June 21, 2023

As the first glimpse into Leigh-Anne's rebirth as a solo artist, “Don’t Say Love” sees the singer show us a side to herself she is finally ready to share. Produced by Jon Bellion and Pete Nappi, co-written by Aldae, the track combines her smooth vocals with a high-energy, garage-infused beat, pulling inspiration from urban culture.

Listen to "Don’t Say Love" HERE

Jake Shears 
Shares his new single 
“Last Man Dancing”

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Jake Shears shares his new single “Last Man Dancing,” the title track from his highly-anticipated new album

June 07, 2023

A universal message told in novelistic detail, “Last Man Dancing” is a reminder to keep moving whatever life throws at you. Portraying a cast of misfits alone (but together) in a bar scene, the track’s soaring, Abba-esque melody is partnered with a moving lyric, “finally I’m feeling / something like alive / I don’t care if it’s happening / at quarter past five,”  that has the immediate feel of another Jake Shears classic. The video brings the vibrant world of the album artwork to life - a chaotic house party in which Jake Shears earns his trophy not just as the “Last Man Dancing,” but also as one of this generation’s most influential pop stars. 

Last Man Dancing was introduced in irresistible style earlier this year with the redemptive disco groove of “Too Much Music” and followed by recent single “I Used To Be In Love,” a symphonic blast of house, hedonism, and finding yourself right at home in a crowd of strangers. The record was conceived between the US, Portugal, and London (where Jake relocated from his New Orleans home during the pandemic) alongside the sort of head-turning guestlist that, in Shears’ cross-pollinating universe, also makes total sense: from Amber Martin and Boys Noize to Big Freedia, Kylie Minogue, and cameos from Jane Fonda and Iggy Pop. 

The results already sound like the record Jake Shears was born to make, taking a lifelong affair with club culture towards new heights (and on its second half, almost dystopian depths). In a polymathic career that variously has taken in multi-million global album sales, Brits, Ivor Novellos, an acclaimed memoir, a Broadway show, plus his Olivier-Award-winning musical Tammy Faye, Jake Shears’ pull to keep moving has remained a constant, whether in the heat of the dance floor, or in creating cathartic and unconventional art. As Jake himself puts it, “while not everyone might make it to the end, it’s the last ones dancing who are rewarded with the most magical moments.”
With work that still speaks evenly to the margins and the masses, Jake Shears’ new solo album will continue a whirlwind of activity for the Scissor Sisters’ frontman. Recent appearances range from Radio 2’s Piano Rooms (where he was joined by Neil Tennant and the BBC Concert Orchestra) and Saturday Night Takeaway to a surprise appearance at queer London nightclub ‘House of Trash,’ the Aladdin Sane tribute at London’s Southbank Centre and an arena tour with Duran Duran. Catch Jake Shears live this summer below, with more news to follow soon. |

Tomás Matos 
Released their latest club-ready dance track "Honestly, Cvnt"

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Recording artist TOMÁS MATOS releases their debut single "HONESTLY, CVNT."
Announces upcoming club anthem "KEEP IT PUMPIN' (Reloaded)" out June 16

June 07, 2023

Recording artist Tomás Matos (they/them) has released their latest club-ready dance track “HONESTLY, CVNT.  Produced by John "J-C" Carr, Tomás Matos and Bill Coleman, “HONESTLY, CVNT” is a feel-good, empowering track that celebrates self-expression and self-confidence. Of the inspiration behind the song and title, Matos shares: “It isn’t a bad word. It’s a reclamation of what it means to own your femininity. Anyone can be cvnt. Think of it as an adjective, not a noun. You’re not a cvnt, honey. You are cvnt. You know what I’m saying?”

On June 16, Tomás Matos will release their follow-up single “KEEP IT PUMPIN’ (Reloaded). Produced by 808 BEACH (John "J-C" Carr and Bill Coleman) and Tomás Matos, the single is about being unapologetically yourself and connecting with the right people that celebrate you for being who you are. Matos says: "KEEP IT PUMPIN’” came about as a means for me to express the feelings I was having towards the haters on social media who were so pressed about me just living my damn life. It’s a bad bitch anthem, a bad bitch mantra, and hater repellent baby. Repeat these lyrics to your haters and watch them get real quiet. Periodt.”

Kelly Clarkson
Chemistry Out June 23

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Kelly Clarkson Unveils New Singles On Tenth Studio Album, "Chemestry" Out June 23

May 10, 2023

GRAMMY-winning global superstar Kelly Clarkson has unveiled double singles “mine” / “me” – the first taste of her highly anticipated tenth studio album chemistry, arriving June 23 and available for pre-order now via Atlantic Records.

“Having chemistry with someone is an incredible, and overwhelming, feeling. It’s like you have no choice in the matter. You are just drawn to each other. This can be good and bad. This album takes you down every path that chemistry could lead you down.” – KELLY CLARKSON

The pair of songs perfectly compliment and contrast, showcasing the lyrical complexity featured on the project three years in the making. Soaring vocals and a mounting instrumental find Clarkson lyrically honest-as-ever on “mine,” chanting “go ahead and break my heart, that’s fine” before craving karmic retribution. Meanwhile the focus shifts inward on “me,” a triumphant anthem of self-empowerment co-written with GRAMMY-nominated rising star GAYLE. Culminating with the lyric “don’t need to need somebody when I’ve got me,” the song’s message proves equally intimate and universal.

“We decided to release ‘mine’ and ‘me’ at the same time because I didn’t want to release just one song to represent an entire album, or relationship. There are many stages of grief and loss on this album. Each song is a different stage and emotional state.” – KELLY CLARKSON

chemistry was first announced last month alongside an exclusive Las Vegas engagement, chemistry…an intimate night with Kelly Clarkson, opening Friday, July 28, 2023 at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Designed exclusively for the Bakkt Theater stage, Clarkson and her longtime band will immerse fans in an intimate music experience that spans her two-decade long catalog of award-winning hits. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

One of the most popular artists of this era, Kelly Clarkson has sold more than 25 million albums and 40 million singles worldwide. The Texas-born singer-songwriter first came to fame in 2002 as the winner of the inaugural season of American Idol and quickly became one of pop’s top singles artists, in addition to the first artist to top each of Billboard’s pop, adult contemporary, country and dance charts. chemistry marks her tenth studio album and third full-length release with Atlantic Records, following 2017’s Meaning of Life and 2021’s When Christmas Comes Around…. Meanwhile on the small screen, her multi-Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, is currently filming its fourth season (while already picked up through 2025), and her tenure as multi-season champion coach on The Voice resumes for the show’s current 23 season.

Now That's What I Call Proud
Releasing May 5

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Now That's What I Call Music! Presents New Release Now That's What I Call Proud

April 26, 2023

NOW That’s What I Call Music!, the world’s bestselling multiple-artist album series, will be dropping a new release, NOW That’s What I Call Proud, on May 5. Proud will be released on CD and digitally, as well as on vinyl, exclusively at Target.

NOW Proud features 16 fan-favorite anthems from pop icons Sam Smith, FLETCHER, George Michael, Lil Nas X, Elton John, Kim Petras, Adam Lambert, Queen, and many more! NOW That’s What I Call Proud releases ahead of Pride month and follows on the heels of NOW’s successful launch of NOW That’s What I Call Pride in 2022.

NOW That's What I Call Music! debuted in the U.S. in 1998, following 15 years of multi-platinum international triumph. The series has sold more than 250 million albums worldwide, topping 105 million in the U.S. alone. 68 previous releases in NOW's numeric U.S. series have reached Billboard’s Top 10, and 19 volumes have reached Number One.

NOW That's What I Call Music! is a joint venture from Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. NOW and NOW That's What I Call Music! are registered trademarks of Universal Music Group and its affiliates.

NOW That’s What I Call Music! is the soundtrack to your life, available everywhere you are. 

Pre-order Now That's What I Call Proud (CD, digital, vinyl) HERE!

Jakk Fynn
Take My Heart

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Pop Artist Jakk Fynn Releases Music Video For Brand New Single "Take My Heart"
New EP Can't Look Back to be released this spring 

April 12, 2023

Pop artist Jakk Fynn (he/him), a Latinx transmasculine pop artist committed to redefining masculinity, releases his latest single and music video, “Take My Heart.” The song is the first single off of his upcoming EP Can’t Look Back, out later this spring.

About the inspiration behind his newest single, Jakk says: “While “Take My Heart” may sound like a typical breakup song, I actually wrote it about my complex relationship with my family. As a trans and neurodivergent person, being raised by my immigrant grandparents resulted in a lot of friction because my identity didn’t fit their script. While I was coming of age, this left me with a lot of deep pain and heartbreak as I struggled to define my identity and find peace in pursuit of living as my most authentic self.”

In the video for “Take My Heart,” directed by Candice Dalson and filmed by Jacob Alvarado, Jakk subverts gender norms and blurs all lines between their masculine and feminine identity. Clad in black and white fashions, Jakk Fynn is accompanied by a masked figure that likely represents the identity they shed and his family mourns.

Of the inspiration behind the video, Jakk says: “Growing up AFAB felt like I was sentenced to misery. The expectations of family and society had zero appeal; it left me little room to envision a life beyond it. During my adolescence I found relief in daydreaming, cross-dressing, and music. In this video I’m ironically engaging similarly but from a space of liberation. I could go on about how the video symbolizes the binary, power struggles, and its breakdown, but I think my biggest takeaway is the actual experience. It feels akin to a phoenix.”

Of the power behind his approach to gender, Jakk adds: “I was once so at odds with my skin that a dress felt like violence. Yet now, “feminine” modes of expression won’t erode my peace or destabilize my sense of self. So sure, gender can be a very harmful construct, but don’t be afraid of the power you hold to reconstruct it. The journey is never-ending, but a better global construct can’t emerge until we’re all constantly iterating on ourselves and transcending the norms that hurt us.”

As the descendent of Mexican immigrants, Jakk is committed to using pop music’s power to uplift audiences and challenge toxic social narratives, especially for audiences who don’t often see themselves fairly and accurately represented in mainstream culture.

Photo of Haughty Hazelnut by Oliphant Portraits

Take My Heart
Available now on all streaming platforms

DAVIS Mallory Releases New Album 
Back to the 80s

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EDM/Pop Musician DAVIS Mallory Releases New Album Back to the 80s

March 1, 2023

Electronic pop musician DΛVIS Mallory has released his latest album titled Back to the 80s, a collection of songs inspired by his love for the decade that brought us New Age, Synch Pop, and Hair Bands. On his album, DΛVIS takes us on a sonic journey through the decade as we reminisce the sounds that made the 80’s so iconic.

The album begins with the title track and continues with the upbeat, bass-heavy “Jane Fonda” an ode to the actress from the same hometown as DΛVIS (Atlanta).

Back to the 80s was written over a span of 5 years with tracks recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, Malmo & Stockholm, Sweden, Los Angeles, and Berlin, Germany as DΛVIS fine-tuned his sound in the Retro/Disco/Funk format.

Lead single "Sun and Moon" started off this direction, and DΛVIS credits the passing away of musical icon Prince as a key influence in DΛVIS' shift in his musical sound. Other standout tracks on the album include "Wild Child" with Dutch producer Vence - a tribute to DΛVIS’ wild cat Xena, "Cologne" which launched DΛVIS' limited edition cologne brand, "Perfect Romance" a disco ballad in the vein of Lizzo or Miley Cyrus.

The album ends with two fabulous covers: “Don't You Want Me" by Human League and a rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper with new lyrics "boys just wanna have fun."  

Photo of Haughty Hazelnut by Oliphant Portraits

Back to the 80s
Available now on all streaming platforms 

For more information, please visit

Queer Artist Kyle Motsinger 
Releases "Bad Years"

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Kyle Motsinger reflects on the long, arduous, road he has travelled in the pursuit of his rock star dreams.

February 15, 2023

In “Bad Years”, singer/songwriter Kyle Motsinger reflects on the long, arduous, road he has travelled in the pursuit of his rock star dreams.  “It’s been challenging with daily obstacles like waking up to find my bank account overdrawn and having to call mom and dad for grocery money,” he admits.  “Or promoting a show at the venue I always dreamed of playing to only have one friend show up.  It can be pretty humiliating and soul-crushing. You start to wonder if anyone cares or if you are even talented.”   Produced by Motsinger and engineered, mixed, and mastered by MP Kuo, the alternative rock anthem is a theatrical song that features talents from the New York theatre stage including Broadway pit musicians Janey Choi, Conrad Harris, Mark Kosmala, and Joel Lambdin. Broadway’s Trisha Jeffrey (Rent, Little Shop of Horrors, All Shook Up, and Motown the Musical) and NYC actor Jason Pintar provide the background vocals.  NY Drama Desk nominee Mark Hartman plays piano.  

“The message of ‘Bad Years’ is a hopeful and encouraging one,” Motsinger continues from his Manhattan home.   “It is about how things can and will get better if you hold on.  One day, you will look back from a better place.”  

Kyle Motsinger was born and raised in a small, conservative town of five hundred people near Peoria, Illinois.   “I grew up singing Broadway tunes in the middle of cornfields,” he remembers.  

He participated in school productions and community theatre as a youth and in college, he earned a BFA in musical theatre at Western Illinois University.   He then moved to NYC where he performed in several Off-Broadway productions including Fancy Nancy The Musical, a show based off the popular children’s books.  Motsinger originated the rapping shark role and can be heard on the show’s cast album.  “I am the OG baby shark,” he laughs.

While performing, he continued writing his own music and it eventually took the focus of his creativity. Kyle Motsinger has released two full-length albums, Far Away and Any Way I Want It To. He’s also released six singles including “Dark Shadows”, based on the gothic sixties’ series and film by Tim Burton.  The music video for the song starred Kathryn Leigh Scott from the series and it premiered to much fan acclaim at the Dark Shadows convention in Los Angeles.

As Kyle Motsinger approached his mid-thirties’, he began to feel that he wasn’t where he wanted to be in life. He channeled that frustration into a batch of new songs that appear on his upcoming album.  Like “Bad Years”, much of the material muses on life’s struggles and finding joy in conflict.

“The life I have chosen hasn’t been an easy one but I wouldn’t change it,” Kyle Motsinger explains.  He says he has matured through trial, both as a person and an artist, and believes that it shows in his music.   “I think ‘Bad Years’ is the best piece I’ve written so far.   I’m proud of it and I really believe in it.” 

He credits the engineering wizardry of MP Kuo, best known for her work on Trixie Mattel’s first two EPs, with the quality of the recording.  Also, the incredible artistry of Zachary Eldridge on drums, Chris Bonner on bass, and Adam Stoler on guitars.

“The song is inspirational and the first of several stories I will be sharing that will hopefully encourage people to battle through and persevere.  I, for one, am ever the dreamer!”

Takes On The Great American Songbook

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Vancouver-based queer singer Mathew V announces Anything Goes

February 15, 2023

Vancouver-based queer singer Mathew V announces Anything Goes, a new record that seeks to reframe the assumed heteronormative narratives of the Great American Songbook. Due out April 14 on 604 Records, Anything Goes takes standards by the likes of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Henry Mancini and draws out queer perspectives from the elegant imprecision of their timeless lyrics.

“Queer culture, gay history, and jazz music have a lot of parallels,” explains Mathew V. "Jazz music was vilified not just as a genre of music but as a lifestyle that society looked down upon. It was synonymous with sin. This music lives at the intersection of camp, glamor, and showmanship, which are all aspects that inform the very essence of my performance."

As the most traditional arrangement and delivery on the record, Mathew V’s take on George Gershwin’s “The Man I Love” pushes the boundaries of conventional jazz from the queer perspective. Of the process, Mathew says, “It's been exciting choosing songs like ‘The Man I Love,’ which a man like me may not have been able to sing when these songs were written,” and adds, “I’m at a place in my career and in my life that I not only want to sing at my highest caliber, but I want that music to come from my heart. I owe that to the little Mathew that was looking for this record all those years ago.”  

All throughout Anything Goes, Mathew V speaks out against the vilification of jazz, boldly bringing his thoughts to life with storied tunes such as “Moon River” and “Georgia On My Mind,” each sung from the perspective of a queer man who embodies rebellion, flirtatiousness and glamor. This record allows Mathew to confidently share his stance on love, romantic trials and tribulations with other men.

The new album also features original song “My Boy,” a Marilyn Monroe-inspired song and fan favorite on tour, compelling Mathew to include it on the album. The song was written spontaneously with Mathew's co-writer Ben Dunnill. Of the process, Mathew recounts, “Ben was in Europe at the time and sent me a voice note for a chorus idea from a public train station piano. From there the voice notes flew back and forth, and ‘My Boy’ came to life.” With the use of witty lyrics, a walking bass line, and energetic piano solos “My Boy” has the power to transport listeners to a glamorous smoke-filled 1960s lounge.

Mathew V’s timeless musical sensibilities are perhaps most evidently stemming from his youth. At age 17 he moved from Vancouver, Canada to London, England and began exploring what would soon become his signature soul-filled vocal style. Following his musical awakening overseas, Mathew penned a deal with 604 Records, has become a sought after topliner in the dance world and now debuts into the vocal jazz world with his tasteful representation of the Great American Songbook.


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Critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter and global pop icon P!NK releases “TRUSTFALL,” the title track from her highly-anticipated ninth studio album, out February 17 via RCA Records.

February 15, 2023

Produced by GRAMMY-nominated electronic artist FRED and Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol, who co-wrote the song with P!NK, “TRUSTFALL” is a synth-laden euphoric anthem and the next great hit in P!NK’s already impressive musical catalogue. Driven by a pulsating dance beat and P!NK’s signature powerhouse vocals, “TRUSTFALL” is a declaration to leave one’s fears behind and put faith in the unknown.
Accompanying the release of “TRUSTFALL” is its cinematic visual, choreographed by Ryan Heffington and directed by Georgia Hudson, who previously worked with P!NK on the “What About Us” music video. The video follows its main character and P!NK as they converge over the course of one night, each ultimately choosing to fall in their own way. The “TRUSTFALL” video made its global broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop and across MTV’s global network of channels, as well as on the Paramount Times Square billboards.

Last November, P!NK shared the vibrant pop track and first single off TRUSTFALL, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” which she performed during the 2022 American Music Awards. This summer also sees P!NK return to the road with her Summer Carnival 2023 Tour performing at stadiums across North America. Joined by Brandi Carlile and Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo on select dates, with Grouplove and KidCutUp supporting on all dates, tickets are on sale now via