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Black Hart of Saint Paul

1415 University Ave W 
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 528-8028

The Black Hart is a neighborhood, queer, and soccer bar in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul.

February Love Gatherings
Polyamory and Circles of Care & Connection

Scene Story!
Queer Media & Pop Culture!
How do we create circles of care around us & live in circles of love that feel abundant? Join us to explore community, care, connection, & chosen love
Polyamory and Circles of Care & Connection Sunday, February 12, 2023 2:00-4:00 PM CST Virtual Event, All Ages, ASL interpreted, Substance Free, Sliding Fee Scale $0-$50

Our February love gatherings were born from a need for community and radical love. Polyamory and chosen circles of care are queer ways of loving. Not all polyamorous people are queer, but there is a strong kinship with queerness because of the chosen relationship structure, which is outside of the norm in the dominant culture systems of the western, colonized U.S., which do not benefit our lives, our loves, or our ways of living As queer people, we have had to make our own families, so we really understand different ways of loving and choosing each other.

Eventbrite page to register

Website event page:

Rainbow Health

2577 Territorial​ Road West, St. Paul, MN
(612) 373-9972

For nearly 40 years, Rainbow Health has centered on health equity by understanding and responding to the health needs of Minnesota’s LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS communities using a person-centric approach to holistic health.

Twin Cities Pride 
Moving to a new location!

Scene Story!
Queer Media & Pop Culture

We are so pleased to announce that our Twin Cities Pride office is moving to a new location—just across the street from Loring Park! 

This new space will not only help centralize our activities and make staff more accessible, it will accommodate the growing needs of TC Pride. We envision this new location to serve as a resource for our community: a place to plan, a place to offer resources, and a safe place to come together.  

Please take note of our new address: 
1618 Harmon Place Minneapolis, MN 55403 
Details for an Open House soon to come!

Roxy's Cabaret
& On The Rox

1333 Nicollet Mall, Mpls, MN
(612) 88-ROXYS

We  offer an unparalleled experience. Whether it's just a night on the town, or you're looking for a unique way to celebrate life, love, milestones,  or accomplishments, we will take your celebration from special to SPECTACULAR!

80 For Brady
Movie Review

Derek Please!
Beauty for Everybody

By Derek Murawski-Harguth

“80 for Brady” Scores Several Comedic Touchdowns

Review contains spoilers.  

The hilarious movie “80 for Brady” is based on a true story that proves you can flourish at any age. Four best friends — played by the iconic quartet of Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field — are die hard Tom Brady fans. By hook or by crook, they decide they must attend the 2017 Super Bowl. 

As luck would have it, they find themselves wherever the action is, with a star-studded supporting cast — including queer icon Billy Porter. Porter plays “Googoo,” the fictional choreographer of Lady Gaga (Gaga headlined half-time that year). It’s a standout role from a fabulous actor that can keep up with the best of them, literally. 

Things crescendo when the ladies pull out all stops to get in Tom Brady’s ear after a series of losses in the big game. It’s not really a spoiler at this point that the New England Patriots won the 2017 Super Bowl, but the inspiration for the win will shock and awe. After the game, the four ladies visit Brady in an especially inspiring, and well-acted, scene. 


A New Fashion House

A Funny Perspective

By Sarah McPeck and Photos By KOBI

There is an uprising of young, self-made independent women designers who are breaking down barriers and creating a multifaceted generation of artists who create for women, by women. This influx of creative talent is changing the way we see, purchase and wear fashion. These women are staking their claim to a new frontier that is unapologetically ignoring the rules on how things should be done. These women are not only moving the fashion scene forward but they are powering a revolution

I recently met with Nic Teague, President and Creative Director of SUMABERIAN, a new fashion house that focuses on suits for women. Nic is a triple threat of brains, beauty and artistic swagger.

Give me the elevator pitch for SUMABERIAN?
SUMABERIAN is an experience that lasts a lifetime. We handcraft garments that are unique to your personal style and perfect for the occasion. Our suits, vests, tuxedos, and button down shirts are customizable as every client chooses from our fabric library, select linings, and unique buttons. SUMABERIAN is dedicated to providing all with a tailormade experience and garments created using the best materials and technology to ensure longevity.

What inspired you to launch SUMABRIAN and what was the biggest challenge that you had to overcome to get it off the ground?
From a young age, I’ve always been passionate about the arts, specifically music and fashion. After watching Daymond John on Shark Tank in elementary school and learning the word “mogul”, I told my mother, Nikki, that I wanted to be a business and fashion mogul. My mother taught me how to sew with a needle and thread then I eventually learned how to use a sewing machine. I started cutting and making clothes such as denim jackets out of pairs of jeans. Suits have always been my favorite out fit and as I got older, I noticed the limited suit options for women and the options didn’t fit women well. So, I decided to start a fashion house with garments made for all that gives everyone the freedom to customize from start to finish. 
The biggest challenge for me was learning how to properly measure each body and make alterations. Every individual is unique and I wanted to learn how to measure all accurately and efficiently, while learning how to identify where, if any, alterations should be made.

What is the process like to buy a suit, start to finish?
SUMABERIAN'S process starts with you; you are our top priority. First and foremost, we learn more about you: your personal style, favorite colors, and the garment of your choice. 
Once we become acquainted, we will sketch a design that we believe would look amazing on you. 
After we create a final sketch, we will schedule a fitting to get your measurements (the number of measurements depends on your garment choice). The essence of your garment is created at your fitting as we strive to achieve a “walk out” fit, meaning little to no alterations will be needed. 
Now it’s time for SUMABERIAN to handcraft your garment using the measurements and our process will range from four to six weeks, with exceptions. 
Your dream has now become a reality after four to six weeks and will personally deliver your garments if you are within our service area (15 mile radius of Minneapolis, MN) or we will arrange a special delivery if you are outside our service area. 
SUMABERIAN makes you our top priority before, during, and after our process.

In what ways can we as a community show up for Black businesses?
We, as a community, can support Black businesses by purchasing their goods and commissioning their services. Financial support has the power to help scale a Black business and propel it to new heights. If you are unable to monetarily support a Black business, you can promote, share, and talk about Black businesses on your platforms and in your circles. Word of mouth marketing is just as powerful, if not more than powerful, than digital marketing.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?
Yes, I’ve always been a businesswoman. I started my first business when I was nine years old. I created and sold clackers after seeing the toy on Drake and Josh. A few months after I dissolving that business, I focused on improving my business skills, with the help of my father, Marcus, when I started Nicole’s Dessert Palace, where I baked and sold cookies. My curiosity for entrepreneurship continued on high school when I was involved in Junior Achievement, an 18-week business program for high school students. Every year I was in the finance department and served as the VP of Finance.

Do you have any marketing or funding advice for other black women looking to start their own business?
Research as much as possible and become a master at your craft. This is applicable to marketing and funding. There are countless, many are free, resources online that can help with product development which will help with finding proper marketing and funding resources including courses, certificate programs, and business grants.

What is your biggest tip for positive outcomes in networking?
Focus on developing authentic relationships. While networking should be mutually beneficial, you want to get to know the person you are networking and ensure that your values align.

Who do you look up to in the world of business and entrepreneurship?
I’ve always looked up to Oprah Winfrey and Daymond John. They both have remarkable grit, a global vision, and the innate will to make an impact in their respective industries.

How do you like to unwind?
I love unwinding with music. I play the double bass and cello, and I produce and write music.

Favorite TV show at the moment?
Abbott Elementary! I love the work that Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams and the Abbott Elementary team are doing. I look forward to watching in on Wednesday nights.

What is your biggest goal for 2023?
Win a WNBA Championship. Go Lynx!

How can people find you?
SUMABERIAN can be found at, @sumaberian on all social media platforms, and SUMABERIAN on LinkedIn. 

The Nicollet Diner

1333 Nicollet Mall, Mpls, MN
(612) 399-6258

Local Minneapolis American restaurant specializing in breakfast all day, burgers, fries, homemade soups & malts. Full bar 8am-2am. Open 24/7/365.

Let’s All Go To The PROM!
Chanhassen Dinner Theater

Scene Story!
Queer Media & Pop Culture

By Sarah McPeck

The Broadway smash hit musical The Prom is coming to The Chanhassen Dinner Theater! Prom is a story of love, acceptance and embracing the person you were meant to be! Tony-nominated for Best Musical and winner of Best Musical Score, you're going to be dancing in your seats, singing on the way home and believing in the power of love. 

The Prom has a universalist spirit of love for your neighbor, something The Chanhassen Dinner Theater is embracing by showcasing this queer focused musical. This musical embraces compassion for all, celebrating community and the strength and gumption it takes to come out in a small town. Something many of us in the queer community understand all too well. This story has something for everyone. Visibility and sharing our stories matters. I am encouraged that The Chanhassen Dinner theater is standing behind queer stories and if we support queer programming, hopefully there will be more representation.

I had the chance to interview veteran, Minnesota actor, Tod Petersen who plays Barry Glickman, about The Prom. Tod has been performing across Minnesota stages for decades. He is a writer, actor and singer– a triple threat. Tod is also an out gay man and has been employed by The Chanhassen for years. The fact that the suburbs are embracing the story of The Prom is not lost on him.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Mankato, Minnesota. I was born in Hawaii, which was fancy. I don’t know why my parents chose to leave Hawaii for Minnesota, but that’s life. I went to Mankato State, both of my parents worked for the University and then I left after college and worked and lived all over until I came back to Minnesota 26 years ago.

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
My parents used to take me to plays at the high school and I can remember sitting in the audience, thinking, “I think I know how to do that.” When my parents took me to the The Chanhassen Dinner Theater growing up, everytime I would sit in the audience I would think, “Oh if only I could think of a way to get up on that stage.” And now I am and I have been for years! Every now and again when I am performing I will have this little flash of that 12 year old boy, dreaming of doing exactly what it is that I am doing. Sometimes it gives me shivers.

How did you feel when you heard that The Chanhassen Dinner Theater was going to do The Prom?
Being in The Prom at Chanhassen is thrilling to me. Young queer people get to see fully human queer people on stage telling a universal story of love. I hate to say it, but they (CDT) could have gone on doing The Music Man, Hello Dolly and The Little Mermaid forever and been successful. They are making a brave pivot from traditional programming to share this important story. I hope the community will support it.

If you could tell the people anything about this show what would it be? 
That the drive to Chanhassen is faster than you think and parking is a breeze! It is under 30 minutes from Minneapolis and a fun destination date night. The Chanhassen Dinner Theater is going to get you out of the hustle and bustle of the city and bring you back to a simpler time. Enjoy a picture by the fireplace, sip on a delicious craft cocktail and enjoy a fantastic meal. Just sit back and relax while we entertain you! The talent is amazing and every show offers something for everyone.

What has rehearsal been like?
It has been amazing! One fun surprise for me is that the person playing Emma is Monty Hays and I have known them since the day they were born. I have these two big scenes. My big scene partner is with this kid that I have known their whole life! They are fantastic and have been working professionally forever. On the first day of rehearsal in our first scene together we were totally comfortable with each other and able to goof and crack each other up. I know how to crack Monty up, I have been doing it for so long! So rehearsal has just been magical. They didn’t know they were casting our chemistry but they were smart to do so.

What was your coming out experience like?
It was easy. My parents are cool. I was 23, it was after college. I had a boyfriend that I lived with in a house of friends and no one knew we were together. There were 5 of us. Every night when the house would settle down, one of us would tip toe across the hall and into each other's beds to spend the night. In the morning we would get up super early to tip toe back. We never got busted. I came out after college. My dad needed a few minutes to adjust, but then he said, “You know what, son, we should write a book about growing up as a gay kid. I will write a chapter, my observations of you through each stage and you will write a chapter.” My Dad is a Psychology professor. My mom, she needed to cry for a year. But then it was ok. Ultimately I had both of their support and I came out with a vengeance, because I will admit, being in the closet fucked me up. I knew my parents would accept me but I still was scared to death.

What does the future hold for you?
I am going to keep acting until they won’t let me anymore. I am going to keep writing. I direct High School shows at Apple Valley High School. I love teaching. I love students. I love that I can be that adult to feel safe with to say, “Hey, I think I’m gay.” And I can say welcome to the club. Things have changed so much. Recently, a student, came out to me as Trans and I asked if they wanted to tell the cast and they said they did. The students said to their peers: “I am not a girl. I am a boy and I want you to call me Charlie.” Instantly the whole class started chanting, “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.” It was beautiful and after class the kids were just talking about hanging out and what board games they were going to play. Someone coming out as Trans was like not a big deal to them, it was just something they were happy to support. I thought it was so beautiful. 

What is your biggest take away from the story of The Prom?
This story is a fabulous, sparkly Broadway musical with catchy tunes but there is real depth to it. It teaches that being authentically you is ok. It teaches you to stand up against the status quo. We have got to move with the times. Let the children teach us.

The Prom is showing at The Chanhassen Dinner Theater February 10th-June 10th 2023. Grab a friend, a neighbor or a loved one and make this a destination date! Help support queer visibility in local theater so we can have more representation, more often! Our stories are important and vital to our community!

Get your tickets at

Muffin Top Cafe

1424 Nicollet Ave
Mpls, MN 55403
(612) 315-5946

A locally owned and operated Coffee House in the Loring Park Neighborhood of Minneapolis featuring a full bar. 

Nana's Boys
Breaking Glass Pictures Sets Release for LGBTQ+ Festival Favorite

Movie Scene!
Film Previews & Trailers

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the North American release of the LGBTQ+ festival darling NANA'S BOYS directed by Ashton Pina. The film will arrive on VOD, digital on February 7 and DVD February 23.

“Upon seeing Nana’s Boys, I knew that the film was very special”, said Rich Wolff, CEO at Breaking Glass Pictures.“Director Ashton Pina’s character study of two imperfect lovers holds your attention from beginning to end with twists and turns."

Nana’s Boys is an intimate peek into the relationship of Amari and Q. On the morning of his 30th Birthday, Amari struggles to make decisions on what’s next and defining his purpose. Q is on track to become the youngest partner at his law firm and plans an elaborate soiree to celebrate this milestone of his long-time partner. The day takes a rattling turn when an explosion cuts off utilities across New York City and forces the city into a mandatory lockdown. Their relationship is tested as the couple grapples with memories that could shatter their plans altogether.

Lush Lounge & Theater

990 Central Ave NE
Mpls, MN 55413 
(612) 208-0035

We are the premier destination for live music, comedy, drag, burlesque and so much more. Lush is a special place tucked away in Northeast Minneapolis featuring a wide selection of cocktails and savory bites.

Meet Hanna
"Bartender" aka Office Manager at the Aliveness Project!

Scene Story!
Queer Media & Pop Culture!
We want to take the opportunity to share the hearts and spirits that fuel our mission and the work that we do here at the Aliveness Project. Thanks to your support, we get the privilege to work alongside some amazing and talented "superheroes" in this fight to end HIV by 2035, and we want you to get to know more about them. Who better to start with than the face that greets you with a warm welcome and an under-the-mask smile while juggling 80 ba-jllion tasks when you walk in. *cue the fireworks* Meet Hanna, our "Bartender" aka Office Manager at the Aliveness Project!

What title, other than the one you have, would you give to your position at AP?
No disrespect to our friends in recovery, but I always joke that I’m kind of the bartender of Aliveness. The Front Desk is a gathering spot and I have the privilege of hearing people’s stories!

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Organized, curious, focused

Introvert or Extrovert?
Quiet extrovert who enjoys being around people without being the center of attention

What is a quote that you live by?
Everything is either a good time or a good story!

What are your jams (favorite music)?
Tank and the Bangas, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Favorite Book?
The Choice by Dr. Edith Eger (a memoir of a Holocaust survivor who went on to help others heal from trauma)

Favorite Movie?
“Waiting for Guffman” (mockumentary featuring the ingenious Catherine O’Hara)

If you could only eat one food forever, what would it be?
Pad Thai (made vegan and face-meltingly hot)

Off the top of your head, what are three things that are important to you?
Service, responsibility, learning

Why did you choose the Aliveness Project?
I love our holistic “social medicine” service model of caring for the whole person, not just the medical condition. Nowhere else in the country (or perhaps world?) can you find an HIV wellness center that meets so many community needs totally free of charge.

If you had a theme song (a song that played anytime you walked into a room), what would it be?
“Schitt’s Creek”

What does your life look like outside the Aliveness Project (hobbies, passions, etc.)?
Besides my wonderful friends, family, and significant other, my nibling Jesse and my rescues (Cattle Dog mix, the cat in the “Golden Girls” box) are dear. I love reading, nature, cooking, music, kayaking, and volunteering.

Name a person who has had an impact on you as a teacher or mentor.
A personal mentor was my grandpa Bud. He served in World War II as a Morse code operator, helped liberate Dachau, and was called “Buddha” by his comrades for his profound gentleness. He went on to save many lives in a career as a firefighter.
A professional mentor has been Kathy Vader, a psychologist who volunteered at Aliveness from 2013-2020, inspiring staff and members alike with her energy and spicy humor. Now in her late 80s, Kathy recently retired – but began volunteering at the Walk-in Counseling Center.
I aspire to live and contribute as fiercely as these two role models!

What is a fun fact that people do not know about you?
I am a former professional musician (classically trained soprano and pianist). I no longer perform, but come from a long line of musicians and enjoy playing my grandfather W.C.’s piano.

What is your favorite accomplishment or memory?
In the Peace Corps from 2004-2006, I had the honor of helping a Caribbean health department launch their first response to HIV/AIDS. When HIV medication arrived, I saw the “Lazarus Effect” where people got up off their deathbed to resume healthy, productive lives. A pre-teen who had been born with HIV told me that the medication let her dream of a future for the first time…she turned 31 this year and is living well!”

The Aliveness Project

3808 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 824-LIFE (5433)

Everyone should have the opportunity to lead a healthy, self-directed life, and people living with HIV should not feel stuck, isolated, or stigmatized. For over 30 years, we have been facilitating connection to community, offering nutrition & wellness services, and linking our members to resources to lead fulfilling & healthy lives.

Gay 90's

515 Washington Ave S
Mpls, MN 55415 
(612) 338-4214

The Gay 90's is the place to be! Gay, straight, friendly, beautiful People. 6 bars, 3 dance floors, dinner, and drag show.

Shania Twain 
New Single & Video "Giddy Up!"

Music Scene!
Listen Up!

Strutting into 2023, five-time GRAMMY® Award-winning legend and the best-selling female artist in country music history Shania Twain shares a brand-new single entitled “Giddy Up!”

The track sets the stage for her eagerly awaited new album, Queen of Me, arriving on February 3, 2023. It notably stands out as her sixth original full-length offering, first record since 2017, and official debut for her new label partner Republic Nashville, a division of Republic Records.

Kickstarting the record, “Giddy Up!” rides out of the gate with a fiery, flirty, and fun chorus tailormade for singing and dancing along. As always, it showcases her show-stopping range and undeniable charisma. 

Shania says, “The saying “Let’s Go Girls!” is such a wonderfully uplifting sentiment now, but it’s just something I said during the recording in the studio and I guess that’s the same for “Giddy Up!”. These lines come to me when I’m thinking about how to put a little “pep in my step.” I want people to feel good when they hear the new album. I want to set a celebratory tone and “Giddy up!” is a way to call to the audience and say “let's get ready for some fun!”

Queen of Me consists of 12 new tracks. From the energetic opener “Giddy Up!” through the empowered title track “Queen of Me” and passionate finale “The Hardest Stone,” produced by and featuring Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots), the LP represents a deep and dynamic creative statement from this iconic voice. She set the stage for everything with the single “Waking Up Dreaming” which Rolling Stone called “a shot of caffeinated bliss” and The Today Show called “an absolute bop.”

To celebrate this next era in style, she will also embark on a global Queen of Me Tour, produced by Live Nation. The tour marks the first time fans around the world will get to see the queen in all of her glory in nearly five years, following a highly successful Vegas residency run. Kelsea Ballerini, Lindsay Ell, Hailey Whitters, Breland, Robyn Ottolini, Priscilla Block, and Mickey Guyton, Lily Rose, Talk, and Tinelle Townes will be joining Shania on select dates throughout the tour.

The Queen of Me Tour kicks off on Friday, April 28th at Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA and makes stops across North America and Europe in Vancouver, Denver, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London, Dublin and more before wrapping up on November 14th at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC.

TICKETS: on sale at Citi is the official card of the North American leg of the Queen of Me Tour.
Pre-order/Pre-save Queen of Me—HERE:


515 Washington Ave S
Mpls, MN 55415 
(612) 338-4214

The eagleBOLTbar is your local neighborhood gay bar and hub for all LGBTQIA+ people, located in the East Town and US Bank Stadium area. The patio is newly remodeled and expanded with a heated section in the winter.

The 11th Annual Queerties Award Show  
Celebrating the Best in LGBTQ+ Entertainment and Pop Culture

Scene Story!
Queer Media & Pop Culture

Queerty, the LGBTQ+ entertainment news site, is announcing its nominees for The 11th anniversary Queerties awards, taking place February 28th in Los Angeles.  The Queerties is a celebration of entertainment and pop culture moments that defined the past year in the LGBTQ+ community. It is designed to uplift and spotlight LGBTQ+ creators, tastemakers, and storytellers who are not often recognized at other award shows. 
“The Queerties gives voice to the LGBTQ+ community,” Scott Gatz of Q.Digital, the parent company of Queerty, explains.    “It is the only pop culture awards show where queer people vote for the talent and creatives they feel will have the most lasting impact on the next generation of queer youth.”  

Bianca Del Rio will host this year’s ceremony.     “Grab your sequins, grab your feathers, grab your leather harnesses, and let's be merry, Marys," she says.

Nominees for The Queerties were selected by the editorial team at Queerty.  Winners will be voted on by Queerty readers from now through February 21.  Categories range from the “Badass” award, honoring the top LGBTQ+ newsmakers, to “Drag Royalty,” and “Closet Door Bustdown”, an award recognizing brave notables who shook up mainstream America with their coming out stories.

Nominees in the “Bad Ass” category include Joel Kim Booster (Fire Island, Loot), Jim Parsons (Spoiler Alert), and Ryan O’Connell (Queer as Folk), among others.  Willow Pill will compete against Alaska, Raja, Eureka! and more for the “Drag Royalty” crown.  Kit Connor (Heartstopper), Rebel Wilson, Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things) and Aunjanue Ellis (upcoming The Color Purple) are among the stars competing in the “Closet Door Bustdown” category.

Billy Eichner (Bros), Janelle Monáe (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery) and Troye Sivan (Three Months) are among those competing in “Best Performance Film”.  Indie artists being recognized include influencers Chris Olsen and Megan Mitchell, vying for “Favorite TikTok-er”; Omar Rudberg and Chappell Roan, both named in the “Breakout Musical Artist” category; and Cole Escola and Jeffery Self, whose popular comedy show, Breakfast Buffet, is competing for “Top LGBTQ+ Podcast”.

This year’s event honors Dylan Mulvaney, an actress who documented her gender transition to her ten million followers on TikTok, and musician Rufus Wainwright.  Gay music artist VINCINT will perform at the ceremony.

And what is a queer award show without at least a little shade?  The 11th anniversary ceremony will also award its renowned “Girl, Bye” prize, the category that execrates the individual most scorned by the LGBTQ+ community.  Nominees for 2023 include Candace Cameron Bure, Kanye West, Elon Musk and Ginni Thomas, among others.

For more information on The 11th Annual Queerties Award Show and to vote for your favorite nominees, visit



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