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Black Hart of Saint Paul

1415 University Ave W 
Saint Paul, MN 55104 
(651) 528-8028

The Black Hart is a neighborhood, queer, and soccer bar in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul.

Mary Brewster chats with Michael and Julio Soriano
Owners of Wonders Ice Cream! 

A Tad of Razzle Dazzle
Welcome to Sparkle Scene! 
So WONDERful that I can chat with you two! So first, tell us a little bit about yourselves! 

Julio Soriano: Thank you for taking the time to come speak with us! Michael and I have been married since December 2021. 
Michael Soriano: We have been foster parents to several children. Julio is originally from Guatemala, and I am originally from Iowa. 

Back in June, you became owners of Wonders Ice Cream. Congrats! Had you been looking at different business ventures? What made Wonders so appealing? 
JS: Thank you! We had started looking at different businesses and trying to find something that could be ours that we loved to do! What made Wonders so amazing was how diverse it is; not only with the rich Thai culture, but the fact when we toured, the staff all introduced themselves and had a sense of pride and ownership and inclusiveness. 
MS: When we introduced ourselves, the employees embraced us right away and were so excited to have us. When we walked in the first store (our headquarters), we fell in love.

For those not familiar with Wonders, it’s not your typical ice cream shop; your ice cream is “rolled”! Tell us what the process is, and why rolled ice cream is better than scooped!
MS: We make all of our flavors in house from scratch. You won’t find our flavors anywhere else. It starts as a liquid base, then we add it to our freeze tables which are set at -20 degrees. Here we get to smash in some treats and mix the base and chop it until it turns to ice cream. We then spread it out evenly and use our tools to roll it up! 
JS: It’s not just delicious, it’s an amazing show to watch!

What are some of your most popular flavors? 
MS: Our most popular items would have to be our Vietnamese Coffee or our Oreo Oreo. 

Wonders Ice Cream also isn’t just ice cream, what else is on the menu? 
JS: We also have a line of iced coffees, teas, and boba drinks!

In addition to your location at 298 University Avenue West (Saint Paul), you also have a food truck!  You’re building quite the empire! Do you have plans to further expand? And what events can we see you at in 2023? 
JS: Yes! We actually own the headquarters, two physical locations, and two mobile units already! Our other physical location is inside the Maplewood Mall; we just acquired this location from the franchisee. Our other locations are Appleton, Wisconsin, Burleson Texas, and Fresno California! In 2023, we will start planning for expansion!
MS: In the spirit of inclusion, we are in talks with making a kosher version of Wonders in Saint Louis Park to serve the Orthodox Jewish Community. Next year, you will be able to find us at various county fairs, pride festivals, the Minnesothai Festival, and several other miscellaneous events through the state! 
JS: Also a fun fact! As of right now, we have the capability of taking your orders in four languages; English, Spanish, Hmong, and ASL!  

Being new business owners, this must be a learning process? What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in the last six months? 
JS: The biggest thing for us was to learn the financial acumen of the ice cream industry! 


And now the most obvious question; your life partners AND business partners: what’s it like working with each other!?! 
MS: Ha! We quickly learned we don’t necessarily always agree on business decisions; I am the spontaneous one that says let’s go! go! go! 
JS: I have to reign his creative mind…..the most important thing for us is to remember what happens at work stays at work; business is business, but our love is our love, and that we have to be strong together. 

Last thing! Where can we find you on social media? 
You can find us on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram @wondersicecream 

Wonders is hosting its first annual “Toy Drive” to support children in need. Donations can be dropped off at their University Avenue location through the month of December. 

Roxy's Cabaret

1333 Nicollet Mall, Mpls, MN roxyscabaret.com
(612) 88-ROXYS

We  offer an unparalleled experience. Whether it's just a night on the town, or you're looking for a unique way to celebrate life, love, milestones,  or accomplishments, we will take your celebration from special to SPECTACULAR!  

Quinn Tessential
The Minneapolis Manwich

Drag Scene
Kings and Queens of the Twin Cities

How long have you been on the Drag Scene?
Two years

What does the term “drag” mean to you?
Being a drag king is about making parody of the masculine ideal; it is important to be critical of the power held by men in almost all areas of society. This is true even in queer spaces. The tendency to prioritize audiences of white cis gay men by casting primarily skinny white drag queens over other artists needs to be evaluated. While drag shows are often used as just an excuse to go out with your friends and party, they are also send a political message about what sort of queer expression is valued. For this reason, I only support shows that regularly feature POC, king, afab, fat, and trans cast members.

How do you separate your “dual identity”?
I started drag after a long dissatisfaction with my experiences in musical theater. I was tired of auditioning for a show and either being out right rejected by directors, or being told to put on a dress and pretend to be a woman in the back of the scene. I created Quinn Tessential so I could have agency over my performances. As a drag artist, you are the performer, director, sound designer, and costume designer of your number, so I created a drag persona that continuously excites me and inspires me to create. Also, it's just a fun, memorable name to perform under!

Who is your “go-to” artist?
I find drag shows the most entertaining when there is a mix of all sorts of artistic styles: glamorous, campy, dance based, horror, etc. This helps the next performer break the audience expectations set by the previous one. Drag is most effective, in my opinion, when multiple artists work together to display the diversity of queer expression, which is why I cannot just pick one person.

Greatest performing moment?
My favorite moments when performing are the moments when my improvisational instincts take over and I do or say something I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. An example is when I used a tape measure to make a dick joke and have it extend longer and longer from my crotch. While performing, I realized I didn't plan how to get out of this position, so the tape measure just collapsed to the floor. My instinct was to yell "I'm so embarrassed, that never happens!" And look embarrassed. That is now a permanent part of the performance I do every time.

Say something nice about one of your fellow performers?
Despite the vast difference in our drag styles, I always love seeing Jenna Cis perform. Their looks and physicality are always the perfect mix of eerie and beautiful.

Any special involvement in the GLBTQ community?
I was recently in the cast of La Cage Aux Folles at Lush, where almost the entire production team was part of the LGBTQ community. It was an honor to work with a group of kind and talented individuals to tell a story about chosen family and queer joy. My DM's are also always open to people interested in learning more about Twin Cities drag.

Where in the Twin Cities can you be seen?
I produce many of my own shows in the metro. I work mostly with breweries such as Urban Growler Brewing Company, Alloy Brewing Company, Forgotten Star Brewing Company, and Sisyphus Brewing. I also am preparing for a Nightmare Before Christmas drag show at The Saloon on December 21st. Lastly, watch out for me at Dragged Out, Gorgeous, and Girl on Girl at the Black Hart!

What words of wisdom would you have for someone just starting in the Drag Scene?
Be kind and humble backstage. Make relationships with artist you respect and learn from them while filtering out unhelpful criticism from others. If you can afford it, go out to all different types of shows and expose yourself to as many different types of drag as possible. Support kings, afab, POC, and alternative drag artists. Lastly, be what you want to see in the Drag Scene, not what you think other people want to see.

Who do you nominate for the next Drag Scene interview?
DaDDDy (@gutenmmmorgan on Instagram)

The Nicollet Diner

1333 Nicollet Mall, Mpls, MN thenicolletdiner.com
(612) 399-6258

Local Minneapolis American restaurant specializing in breakfast all day, burgers, fries, homemade soups & malts. Full bar 8am-2am. Open 24/7/365.

Cumming Home for Christmas
Everyone's About To Get Sleighed!

Cole ConnorCade Maddox
Directed By: Ben Rush & Steve Cruz
Candace Cameron Bure, who has been called the “Queen of Christmas” due to her many starring roles in Hallmark holiday films, has left the greeting card network to join the fledgling Great American Family Channel — which, she told THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, will focus on “traditional” marriage. 

With the following quote, she seemingly took a swipe at Hallmark, who made news earlier this year by announcing a holiday film centering on a same-sex couple. “My heart wants to tell stories that have more meaning and purpose and depth behind them. I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

When she was asked whether or not Great American Family might have any movies with same-sex couples, her answer was no. “I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.”
Well, if Candy was upset with Hallmark for green-lighting a movie starring a same-sex couple and their special holiday hopes and dreams, she certainly isn’t going to be grabbing the popcorn for ‘Cumming Home For Christmas’ from Falcon Studios anytime soon. 
The iconic gay adult entertainment producer has created the holiday movie every lover of gay porn has always wished for. So, cum, all ye faithful, for a hometown yuletide yank where the cakes are moist, the cookies are frosted and everyone you know is ‘Cumming Home For Christmas’!

Muffin Top Cafe

1424 Nicollet Ave
Mpls, MN 55403 
(612) 315-5946

A locally owned and operated Coffee House in the Loring Park Neighborhood of Minneapolis featuring a full bar. 

Open Daily 7AM-2AM 

2-4-1 Caffeinated Happy Hour 8-10AM & 3-6PM

Tom Goss
Rings in the Holidays with New EP

Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas
A Rollicking Collection of Original Songs that Celebrate Living Joyfully, Exuberantly, and Authentically Queer
Bear-y Christmas! Tom Goss Ushers in a Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas 

Much of Tom Goss’ youth was spent focused on his studies and on wrestling. He says he didn’t feel much in the way of sexual and emotional desires growing up. In fact, he didn’t go on his first date until he was 22, while in seminary, training to be a Catholic priest.

That was when Tom realized he did have an appetite for sex, only it wasn’t towards women or even the men that society deemed as handsome.  His attraction was toward plus-sized furry men.

Many of his biggest pop hits today are odes to them, and his latest album, his first holiday ep, pays homage to the world’s biggest and most famous papa, Santa Claus.  The album is called Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas and it includes spirited songs like “Santa Slay,” “Put that Ass in Christmass,” “Sassy Santa,” and “Ho Ho Homo.”  

Joining Tom on the EP are some of the biggest names in gay hip hop, gay rock-and-roll and gay country music.  His frequent collaborator, de ROCHE, appears on “Ho Ho Homo,” bringing the song to life with vocals that sound like a group of carolers on a doorstep. “De ROCHE and I have been making music together for over a decade,” Tom says. “I want her to be a part of everything I do until the end of time.”

Benjamin Koll sings on “Sassy Santa.”  Tom admits to having a huge crush on Benjamin. “I love the joy and positivity he brings to the bear community,” he explains.

Tom Goss’ hope is that Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas makes people laugh and smile, then strip down to their undies and dance.  “That’s the Christmas I’m most looking forward to this year!”  We sat down with him in his Los Angeles home.

Lush Lounge & Theater

990 Central Ave NE
Mpls, MN 55413
(612) 208-0035

We are the premier destination for live music, comedy, drag, burlesque and so much more. Lush is a special place tucked away in Northeast Minneapolis featuring a wide selection of cocktails and savory bites.

Paula Poundstone
Hold on to your podcasting pants because Paula Poundstone is coming to St. Paul.

A Funny Perspective

By Sarah McPeck | SarahMcpeck.com

On December 10th, Paul Poundstone will take over the Fitzgerald Theater to talk to us about all things Paula! 

I had a delightful conversation with her and you better believe I will be there! From earth worms to Butterfingers, we covered it all! 
Read below and get your tickets today! 


Photo by Michael Schwartz

You’ve had a lot of success with your podcast, Nobody Listen’s to Paula. It was voted “Best Waste of Time” three years running. How do you feel about that?
Success. What’s that word? I think that’s a great description.

What do you love about podcasting that differs from standup comedy?
I am very shy. And I have been able to you know, do kind of half-baked things, that I would never have the nerve to bring on stage. But with Adam and Tony and Bonnie, I can do it, you know? I can do characters I never would try. It is like yelling into space. That’s the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that is rarely feels gratifying, but the good news is it isn’t intimidating.

You have a “Butterfinger” rap on sale on your website. Tell me more.
Well, it is $1.00. It is a social justice rap. I was on the road and I got picked up by the pickup person and I asked if they would stop at the gas station. When you’re on the road, it is much like you are a teenager. You don’t have a car and you must get driven everywhere. So, I was stocking up on snacks to bring to the hotel when I saw Butterfinger chips. It was so exciting because they didn’t have them many places. I got in the car, and I am just delighted, you know? I’ve got the world by the tail. I put it in my mouth and it is just gross. I look for an expiration date, figuring it must be expired. I ask the driver to turn around so I can get a new bag, no big deal. And that‘s when I spot it. Words that put fear into my heart. With a red arrow, it points to two words: improved recipe. It turns out that the company that makes Butterfingers was bought by another company and they changed the recipe and now they weren’t even edible! Why take something where there was pleasure, that doesn’t need to be changed and fuck with it? Especially in a world where so many things need to change. So that was the jumping off spot for the song.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
I used to go to New York all by myself to a Broadway show every year for Thanksgiving. That was probably my favorite way I have ever quote unquote “celebrated the holiday.” You just took all that stuff out of it and took advantage of having an extra day off.

Last time we chatted you were volunteering at a nursing home. Are you still doing that?
No, not with the pandemic. But I did start another volunteer job at some friend’s kids’ school where they had a pop-up food bank. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of my social life. We got all of this produce from organizations whose missions were to provide the city of Los Angeles with healthy food. Unfortunately, a lot of it would go bad and we couldn’t give to people to eat. Well, all of that waste had to be composted and the school that was doing it said they couldn’t do it anymore. So, I volunteered to do it and that is how I started my worm farm.

Your what?
Yes, I have a worm farm. I sell worm waste online for $4.00 a pound plus shipping. Often times the shipping often costs more than the warm waste itself. I give them a pound of warm waste and a video where I show some part of my worm farming process and introduce them to the worm that I need after them. I think I make something like a penny a week, but I enjoy the heck out of those worms.

If you love Paul Poundstone or you are willing to be taken in by her clever wit and unassuming charm, run don’t walk to The Fitzgerald Theater, December 10th!

Gay 90's

515 Washington Ave S
Mpls, MN 55415
(612) 338-4214

The Gay 90's is the place to be! Gay, straight, friendly, beautiful People. 6 bars, 3 dance floors, dinner, and drag show.

The Basement Bar

511 Washington Ave N,
Mpls, MN 55401
(612) 444-7469

Where music, entertainment and fun collide. Indoor food truck + drinks + live music + darts + entertainment. A place for everyone.


515 Washington Ave S
Mpls, MN 55415
(612) 338-4214

The eagleBOLTbar is your local neighborhood gay bar and hub for all LGBTQIA+ people, located in the East Town and US Bank Stadium area. The eagleBOLTbar is respectful of all races, all genders, all identities and all people.
Formerly known as the Minneapolis Eagle and The Bolt, eagleBOLTbar offers friendly, welcoming crowds, great pub food along with a full bar. The patio at the eagleBOLTbar is newly remodeled and expanded and boasts a heated section in the winter.


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