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By Lala Luzious

Minnesota-based queer musician Paul David

October 26, 2022

Minnesota-based queer musician Paul David works as a multi-instrumental performer and songwriter. He describes his style as “rock-pop-new age-classical style”, a title that reflects David’s wide variety of talent and interests when it comes to music.  In addition to playing percussion with several local theater companies, Paul David has written for and performed with many local orchestras and churches. His latest single “Artist’s Prayer” reflects on the energy many creatives feel when they are aligned with their source energy. I got to chat with David about his life and music. 

For those who may not know who you are yet, introduce yourself! 
I’m Paul David. I sing, I write, I play drums, I play piano, and I play a tiny bit of guitar. Most of my work in my career has been in the religious industry. I worked at all God's Children Metropolitan Community Church for 10 years as a Minister of Music. I currently serve at a Methodist Church in Golden Valley as an instrument music coordinator. 

So your music is religion-based?
Yes and no.Spirituality is very very important to who I am but my music is not necessarily what you think when you think of religious music. My current single artist prayer is in fact a prayer, but it's not a specific christian prayer. It's a prayer to source energy to give me inspiration. This is what every artist feels when starting a composition, or a dance, or a painting, or whatever the art may be. The song is a prayer to source energy to inspire those of us who are in the creative arts to bring forth our gifts and hopefully change the world because the world needs a little bit of changing right now.

How long have you been an artist?
I released my first solo CD in 97 but that didn't really go anywhere. My solo work has really taken off since the pandemic. I got furloughed from my day job and suddenly had all this free time. That really launched me into a creative phase as it was a chance to open up creatively.

Whats the most interesting instrument you play?
I play an instrument called a RAV Vast, which is a steel drum where they have tuned tongues that make different sounds. And it's a hugely popular instrument in Europe, but not in the United States. I'm the only person in Minnesota that owns this instrument.

How did you stumble upon a RAV Vast?
I was surfing the web and  I found someone playing a hand pan, which is the parent drum of the RAV Vast. It's originally out of the Netherlands. It's a very cool sound and I fell in love with this instrument. So I ordered one but they're a super expensive and be they take a year to make because each drum is made by hand.  But it was worth the wait, as the melodic tone is so relaxing.

What was the creative process like for writing Artist’s Prayer?
One of the things I do as an artist is keep a notebook of great words, great lines, song ideas, you know, snippets of things and I just save it because you never know when you're gonna need something. I originally wrote the lyrics in the 90’s and just had them in a folder. And I was working on another piece and I stumbled across this set of lyrics and I read through them and realized they are actually quite good! But I didn't have any of the music realized so I began playing with it. Part of my process in creation is I'll sit at my piano and I'll play a chord and I'll play a couple other chords and I kind of see where the music leads me. I really wanted something hypnotic and meditative. It has these super lush jazz chords in the song which I love. Its very very fun to sing and really fun to listen to. It's a really nice vibe and really chill and I hope everyone really enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

If people were to gain something by listening to your music, in your own words, what would that be?
Hope. I want people to have hope. I made a conscious decision to write positive music to try to elevate the world and change the vibration. We've got enough negativity going on around us that we need a little positivity. That's the kind of the gist of where my music goes. You create your reality by the energy you put out. I choose to focus on the positive

Where and how to do you want people to follow you?
You can find me under Paul David with every streaming service. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, etc.. Be aware there are two artists named Paul David. There's a guy in Canada who is a  DJ and  that's not me! I'm the other one! The best place to connect with me is my website, That will have all my social media on there.

David’s latest single, Artist's Prayer, is now available for purchase and streaming on all platforms.