A Funny Perspective

By Sarah McPeck

Sex Therapist Jackie

March 15, 2023

Many people struggle with issues regarding sex, whether body image, gender identity or a myriad of other reasons, sex isn’t always easy. It can also be challenging to talk about and many people struggle with how to articulate their feelings to partners and sometimes even to themselves. Sex therapist Jackie wants you to know that you’re not alone and there are many resources out there to bring you to a better place. It is Jackie’s mission to help people get their groove back! I loved interviewing Jackie! Here is what she had to say!


The Black & Funny Improv Festival is a joyous celebration! 

March 15, 2023

HUGE Theater has always been a leader for diversity and inclusion in the Twin Cities and has given many marginalized artists a chance to showcase their talents. It is not a surprise that The Black & Funny Improv Festival would choose to host their event at HUGE.

Get ready for some amazing talent, spectacular shows and incredible workshops! Jada Pulley & John Gebretatose are organizers of this event and pillars in the improv community and fantastic human beings! I was so happy to get a chance to speak with Jada about the upcoming events!

What can folks expect from The Black and Funny Improv Festival?
The Black and Funny Improv Festival is a 5 day extravaganza of workshops and performances from top-tier talent from the Twin Cities and across the globe. Expect to see a thriving and welcoming community. And, of course, expect to laugh! 

When did this festival begin?
This festival was founded by Alsa Bruno and John Gebretatose in 2016. It started as a small one-day festival of local improv. It has since expanded into a small international franchise. There’s a Black and Funny Rhode Island and there have been Black and Funny events as far away as Canada!

Are white people welcome?
White people are welcome. In fact, White people are encouraged to come. They have a lot to learn from Black performers, and we shouldn’t be the only ones uplifting ourselves! 

What is your favorite part of The Black and Funny Improv Festival?
That’s a toughy since I love it all. If I had to pick, I’d say my favorite part is the sense of family that is present as soon another Black performer walks in through the door. It often feels like we’ve always known each other and this is just another cookout. In years past, after-show karaoke became a bit of a tradition, so I’m excited for that to return. 

Are there any workshops available?
Yes! There will be EIGHT workshops. From strengthening stage presence, to sketch writing, to character work, specific forms, and straight up diagnostics, there is something for everyone. If you’re newer to improv, or even brand new, don’t be intimidated. Every workshop will be a supportive space for you to experiment in. If you’re interested, but can’t afford the price tag, worry not. Just reach out to us at, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Tell me about HUGE Improv Theater?
Aside from my own apartment, HUGE Improv Theater is my favorite space in the Twin Cities. HUGE is an artist-led, non-profit hub of improv community. It offers classes, jams, and performances. They’re moving into a new building this year, which will be pricey, but ultimately allow them to do even better work. If you’re into that, consider throwing some money to the birthplace of the Black and Funny Fest. 

What are some of the benefits of doing improv?
Improv can be a life-changer. It was for me. It’s been my main source of community since moving to Minneapolis and it is downright therapeutic. To know that people have my back as a queer Black non-binary person in a way that will just let me be my silly little self is amazing. It’s really helped me with my confidence. Honestly, I could evangelize about improv for hours! 

Are you performing during The Black and Funny Improv Festival?
Heck yeah. Catch me with Based On A True Story and Blackout on Wednesday night. There’s also some All-Star Mixer Shows I might make an appearance in. But whether or not I’m on stage, I’ll be there just about the whole time!

Anything else you want us to know about BFIF?
Please go to for tickets and more information.

Review: The Tina Turner Musical 

March 10, 2023

 Tina: The Tina Turner Musical was full of showstopping singing and dancing that made you want to get out of your seat and shake your tail feather! It was also full of some moments that made you want to weep. It is hard to share a story of domestic abuse and make it palatable for audiences. This production weaved both the stark reality of Tina Turner’s abusive life with Ike Turner and her triumphant spirit and dynamic performance skills. This cast was out of this world.

The set design starts with the simplicity of Tennessee living and quickly transforms to busy streets in St. Louis, recording studios and the bright lights of the stage. It was a visual delight. The costume design helped tell this story with amazing design and color palettes. The best part was the shiny, shimmery dresses that Tina Turner was known for wearing on stage, just barely covering her backside. I felt transported to a Tina concert when the dancers started moving and grooving.

Skye Turner plays the young Anna Mae and opens the show with joyous and infectious singing. Her pipes rival the grown adults and cut through the theater like a blaze of glory. She expertly showcases the indominable spirit of a young Tina Turner and starts this musical off with gusto. Naomi Rogers, plays the adult Tina and honored the dynamic musical career of this music legend with drama and incredible vocals that elevate every scene she is in.

The supporting players easily jump in and out of various roles giving this musical heart and grit, two things that describe Tina Turner perfectly. This musical leaves you feeling amazed at what Tina accomplished, in awe of her spiritual growth and inspired by the determination of one amazing woman who lost herself, found herself and skyrocketed to global success. I give this musical two thumbs up! 

A couple more shows left! Get your tickets here!

Autumn Summers is shining bright with her new show PHAT! 

March 1, 2023

Autumn Summers is shining bright with her new show PHAT! Autumn is one of my favorite queens and I am delighted to have watched her come up in the scene. Autumn brings a biting comedy and has a hard work ethic. She is one of the best comedy queens in the twin cities and I was so happy to sit down and chat with her about her new show! 

You have a new show at the 90’s called PHAT! Tell me what people can expect from the show:

PHAT stands for Pretty Hot And Tasty! People can expect plus size entertainers, with acts ranging from drag queens, drag kings, showgirls, comedy, burlesque and more! PHAT is every second Saturday of the month at 9pm, before The Ladies Of LaFemme drag show. 

What do you love about The 90's?
The community and amazing relationships I have made.  The 90's Wednesday night talent contest was my training and learning experience into the world of drag, where I not only met future friends, but my drag family. 
Who are your drag idols?
This always changes! There are so MANY amazing idols in the world. What inspires my personal drag? Ladies from the 80's, Charles Pierce (drag performer), Miss Piggy from the muppets, Aubrey Plaza, Joan Crawford. Now, when it comes to who am I a huge fan of in general? Alaska Thunderfuck, Trixie Mattel, Sasha Colby, Bailey J Mills, and Juno Birch
What is the biggest challenges drag queens face right now?
Bills being introduced to stop us from performing, or being in the public eye. Not only drag performers face this but trans people, simply for existing. It is very hard to face, but we cannot, and will not be erased. We are not going anywhere. 
What is your biggest drag accomplishment?
I still want to accomplish more, but personally I feel very accomplished with my makeup skills! I used to have no idea how makeup worked or how to apply it, thankfully I have a much better understanding. This august will be 8 years since I began drag! 
Why do you do what you do?
The same reasons why any actor or actress would go on camera, or onstage to an audience. We love to entertain! Taking people out of their troubles for just a few moments so they can laugh and not take life so seriously. 
What advise would you give to new entertainers?
Get as much experience as you can, work hard, have fun, be respectful, think of what inspires you to do what you do, and run with it! 
How would you describe your act?
I come out looking gorgeous, and I do mashups of spoken word monologues from your favorite movies, and then suddenly it will go most likely into a song that is SUPER gay. Vice versa. 
If you were any flavor Kool Aid what flavor would that be?
Sharkleberry Fin. You kinda like the taste of it, but not ALL the time. But when you do have it, you are like "Oh. It's not that bad!"
How can people reach you?
Instagram (@autumnsummersmn), Facebook (queenautumnsummers) and please feel free to check out my website!

Hold on to your podcasting pants Paula is coming! 

December 07, 2022

Paul Poundstone will take over the Fitzgerald Theater to talk to us about all things Paula! I had a delightful conversation with her and you better believe I will be there! From earth worms to Butterfingers, we covered it all! Read on below and make sure you get tickets today!

You’ve had a lot of success with your podcast, Nobody Listen’s to Paula. It was voted “Best Waste of Time” three years running. How do you feel about that?

Success. What’s that word? I think that’s a great description. 

What do you love about podcasting that differs from standup comedy?
I am very shy. And I have been able to you know, do kind of half-baked things, that I would never have the nerve to bring on stage. But with Adam and Tony and Bonnie, I can do it, you know? I can do characters I never would try. It is like yelling into space. That’s the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that is rarely feels gratifying, but the good news is it isn’t intimidating. 

You have a “Butterfinger” rap on sale on your website. Tell me more.
Well, it is $1.00. It is a social justice rap. I was on the road and I got picked up by the pickup person and I asked if they would stop at the gas station. When you’re on the road, it is much like you are a teenager. You don’t have a car and you must get driven everywhere. So, I was stocking up on snacks to bring to the hotel when I saw Butterfinger chips. It was so exciting because they didn’t have them many places. I got in the car, and I am just delighted, you know? I’ve got the world by the tail. I put it in my mouth and it is just gross. I look for an expiration date, figuring it must be expired. I ask the driver to turn around so I can get a new bag, no big deal. And that‘s when I spot it. Words that put fear into my heart. With a red arrow, it points to two words: improved recipe. It turns out that the company that makes Butterfingers was bought by another company and they changed the recipe and now they weren’t even edible! Why take something where there was pleasure, that doesn’t need to be changed and fuck with it? Especially in a world where so many things need to change. So that was the jumping off spot for the song.

Do you have any holiday traditions?
I used to go to New York all by myself to a Broadway show every year for Thanksgiving. That was probably my favorite way I have ever quote unquote “celebrated the holiday.” You just took all that stuff out of it and took advantage of having an extra day off.

Last time we chatted you were volunteering at a nursing home. Are you still doing that?
No, not with the pandemic. But I did start another volunteer job at some friend’s kids’ school where they had a pop-up food bank. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of my social life. We got all of this produce from organizations whose missions were to provide the city of Los Angeles with healthy food. Unfortunately, a lot of it would go bad and we couldn’t give to people to eat. Well, all of that waste had to be composted and the school that was doing it said they couldn’t do it anymore. So, I volunteered to do it and that is how I started my worm farm.

Your what?
Yes, I have a worm farm. I sell worm waste online for $4.00 a pound plus shipping. Often times the shipping often costs more than the warm waste itself. I give them a pound of warm waste and a video where I show some part of my worm farming process and introduce them to the worm that I need after them. I think I make something like a penny a week, but I enjoy the heck out of those worms. 

If you love Paul Poundstone or you are willing to be taken in by her clever wit and unassuming charm, run don’t walk to The Fitzgerald Theater, December 10th!