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A Funny Perspective

By Sarah McPeck

The Teaches of Peaches

Pay attention you queer cats and kittens! We have a hot and fresh Peaches interview coming your way! I chatted with Peaches about the 20th anniversary of The Teaches of Peaches! She will perform the entire album at each concert. The Teaches of Peaches tour is the singer’s first since 2017. Her latest record is Rub and she recently had an art show called Whose Jizz Is This? We talked about how the tour is going, ageism in the music industry, costumes, and her favorite snacks. There are still tickets available for the concert on August 19th! Contact the Varsity box office! 



Peaches is an iconic musician, performance artist and feminist. She has stood at the front of the line and charged the gates with her passion for truth and justice. A staple in the electroclash music scene, Peaches has consistently blurred gender lines, courted controversy with cheeky lyrics and never asked for permission to create. This has resulted in a fan base that stands behind her through thick and thin. Currently, Peaches is in the middle of a worldwide tour of the twentieth anniversary of the album, The Teaches of Peaches.

Congratulations on the twenty-year anniversary of The Teaches of Peaches. When you were creating the album did you think it was going to resonate with so many people?
I had no idea. I really had no idea. I knew I liked it. I knew it. The music felt good. And it felt fresh to me. And I was excited to play it for people, which felt good to you know. But I really had no idea what would happen with it. Or nor did I have dreams of grandeur of where it would go.

What was going on in your life, during the creation of that album?
There was a bad breakup. And yeah, a renewed renewing of my situation because it was, you know, living with personal everything. And, under a renewed idea of what music is too. You know, taking more of an understanding that you can do production yourself and make music you want and the way you want to do it and presenting lyrics in that way, you know, just taking control of music instead of trying to fit in some way.

You definitely blur the lines of gender. You are a provocateur and someone who doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries. What is the impetus for this and for the art that you make?
I think it is just questioning why things are the certain standards they are or why they are that way. And if they are that way, why I don’t feel comfortable with them that way. People should feel comfortable in the world that they live in and be able to be who they need to be. So that’s the impetus.

Do you have a favorite song to perform from The Teaches of Peaches?
I’m not trying to be diplomatic about the songs, but it’s just exciting to play the whole album, you know, because I would have shied away from a few of the songs. Like this song, Felix Partz, there’s no lyrics, so why should I do that? Doing all of them, I found their way, their performance power, which is that each one is different. I’ve reprogrammed all of the songs on to the original machine again because I didn’t have the songs recorded anymore. That was really exciting too! Remember this machine is half digital and half analog. So, it’s not like you have endless possibilities. Also, I’m not really that nerdy, I’m not! So, I was like, “Oh, sounds good, great move on.” You know, that was sort of my way doing it. The first couple of songs are all in the same BPM because I didn’t even know how to change the BPM.

When I think of a song like, Lovertits that has literally a drum beat and one sound. It’s a baseline. And when I wanted to make a bridge, I just did one note, instead of three notes that I was playing. And then when I wanted to ramp it up, I just sort of filtered that sound. Then it sounded like it was ramping up to a new part. Then that filtered version of that same sound made it sound like a new part. Then when I wanted to make it a new part, all I did was do an octave higher. Really, it’s one sound, the whole song.

When I was reprogramming, I went back to the power of minimal because this machine also could only record eight sounds. I probably never used all eight sounds on those because I was like “Oh, that’s all I need.” I need a bass sound, the base of a melody and then some sort of transitional sound or some kind of riff or some kind of sound that you hang on to. So, it was really interesting, going back and realizing the power in that.

You were on season two of the L Word. Did you have fun filming with the cast? Were you a fan of the show beforehand?
I had actually never seen the show. I already lived in Europe. And there wasn’t internet TV on every station yet. I knew about it. It was really fun that they wanted me to do it. They were like, okay we want you to wear your beard from the album cover and do I U She. And we want you to pull someone on stage and have an encounter. It was super fun. It was super fun.

Do you have a favorite TV show that you’re watching now or any binge worthy series that you relax with?
I am just about to finish, Better Call Saul. It is so intense. I just really think the writing is incredible. And it’s just so psychological and engaging, which is really not easy to do. There are a lot of shows that just end up with so much extraneous things that you’re like, “Could you just hold back a little bit?” I also love Atlanta. I just never saw the third season, so I’m watching that now. I binged watched and really loved, Working Moms.

Do you think ageism is getting better in the music industry?
I do, there’s no way out if it. I mean, people are growing older and they’re like, “I’m sexy, I look great. And I don’t care what you think.” It’s cool to see. I think Christina Aguilera is going a good route right now in terms of like, I’m just performing. I’m just like fuck you. I don’t care.

I love that you use so much comedy in your performance and I know you did a video with Margaret Cho for Dick in the Air. Why is it that you choose comedy as part of your artistic expression?
I think that it’s such a powerful force in getting your point across. You can really be you. You can really get a difficult message through by softening people up, to relaxing into it and then give them the punch, so that they don’t feel threatened by it. Right? You can enjoy it.

Do you have any favorite comedians?
Maria Bamford is just incredible. Also, you know, more of an independent but amazing, is Dynasty Handbag. I really am appreciating that work right now.

Who designs your costumes?
It’s all different people. Actually, there’s a whole article from Forbes magazine, believe it or not, it’s funny and is really extensive on the history of my costumes. Read the Forbes article here:

What’s your favorite go to snack?
Oh, well right now, it’s Whisps. Do you know Whisps? It is like they’re a cheese cracker, but there is no cracker in it. It’s just like, kind of crispy cheese. They come in parmesan or cheddar. They’re really rich because it’s just like crunchy cheese. I’m just eating way too many of them. I can’t get them in Europe.

Don’t miss your chance to see Peaches sing the entire album of The Teaches of Peaches at the Varsity on August 19th at 7:00 PM. 

"Fuck the Pain Away"

The Teaches of Peaches Anniversary Tour 2022

Peaches performs on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2022
August 4-14
Beyond the Box, Previews and Shows

2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 4-14
Show Details

Minnesota Fringe connects adventurous artists with adventurous audiences by creating open, supportive forums for free and diverse artistic expression.

Through our summer festival and dynamic year-round programming, Minnesota Fringe is an artistic disruptor for local and national artists — to take bold risks, develop new ideas, and hoist themselves to the next rung of their artistic ladder.

As the producer of the largest performing arts festival in the Midwest, our annual Minnesota Fringe Festival event fills tens-of-thousands of seats with audiences viewing dozens of works at hundreds of performances by more than 1,000 artists on a variety of stages in late summer.

Past projects have included Fringe Presents - a curated performance series highlighting local and national artists around a unified theme; Drafts & Draughts - a works-in-progress series of multidisciplinary work in development; and Beyond the Box - incubating artists and companies to develop public, outdoor performances.

Fringe is overseen by a governing board of directors and operated by a small year-round staff that balloons to nearly 100 seasonal hires leading up to the Festival Season - all with shared commitments to artists, audiences, operations, and growth. Fringe receives critical support from over 300 dedicated volunteers logging a combined 4,000+ hours each year. Fringe with Benefits members deepen our community connections and further strengthen relationships between adventurous artists and adventurous audiences by supporting adventurous art year-round.

2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival Previews
July 18, 25 & August 3 at 7:30p
Event Details

​Join us for snippets of Minnesota Fringe Festival productions as you build your 'must-see' list! 2022 Festival Button required for admission ($5 and available at the door), good for theater deals from September 2022-July 2023! The 29th annual Minnesota Fringe Festival is a 100% vaccinated event. Please plan to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon entry.
Event Details 

Beyond the Box: MIRAGE Performing Arts
August 4, Noon
Event Details

Beyond the Box is a collaboration between Minnesota Fringe, Vibrant and Safe Downtown and Downtown Improvement District, is an artist incubation opportunity in public, outdoor performance. Artists engage the diverse audiences of downtown Minneapolis and celebrate the reanimation, renewal, and changing relationship to public spaces and take place in at Xcel Energy Plaza on Nicollet Avenue. 

Black Hart of Saint Paul
1415 University Avenue West Saint Paul, MN 55104 | (651) 528-8028

The Black Hart is a neighborhood, queer, and soccer bar in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul.

Drag Scene
Kings & Queens of the Twin Cities
Featuring Luna Muse

How long have you been on the Drag Scene?
I’ve been doing drag since 2017, I would drive up from mankato (where I was studying) and compete locally until 2019, when I moved to mpls. I’ve been casting spells in town ever since!
What does the term “drag” mean to you?
“Drag” to me is bringing your vivid imagination to life utilizing art, performance, and music. I’m a theatre nerd so every appearance is a storyline in my head.

How do you separate your “dual identity”?
I think I struggle with this. I recently quit my “muggle” job to focus on my craft and now I am often working on drag all the time. I do enjoy getting out as my human form to grab a coffee and gossip with close friends.

Who is your “go-to” artist?
Katy Perry! There’s a 50% chance of you see me live, one of those numbers is by my OG queen.

Greatest performing moment?
When I was the designer and star of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in college. A passion project where I could collide my theatre training with my drag.

Say something nice about one of your fellow performers.
I work with so many excellent people in Town! Sasha Cassidine inspires me with her hustle, I’ve always been a big fan of Nocturna Lee Mission, Dick Von Dyke is one of the best performers in town, and one day I hope to be as personable and funny as Barb.

Any special involvement in the LGBTQ community?
With all the chaos of Jk Rowling, when I was booked for a “Harry Potter” themed drag gig, I decided to donate a chunk of my earnings that day to the minnesota Transgender Health collation. I think we can often get caught up in the fun of the fantasy, but it’s importantly to take a sec and give back to the community that has lifted you up.

Where in the Twin Cities can you be seen?
This month I’m performing my one woman show at the MN fringe Festival, I’m an entertainer at Lush Lounge and Theater, and I work with Flip Phone Events.

What words of wisdom would you have for someone just starting in the Drag Scene?
Have a strong point of view and stick with it! It’s easy to start off doing the top 10 girl pop hits, but some of the most exciting drag in town has such a clear and vivid narrative. When you find that, then work on versatility as a performer and persona.

Who do you nominate for the next Drag Scene interview?
Barb! Barb!

McPeck Scene
A Funny Perspective

By Sarah McPeck

Curtain Call: Letters to My Friend Louie Anderson!

Comedian Jason Schommer explores a remarkable friendship with
comedy icon Louie Anderson in a series of hilarious adventures
and poignant life lessons, shared through theatre, stand up
comedy and storytelling! From a first hello at a grocery store in
St. Louis Park to a final goodbye at a hospital in Las Vegas, the
audience is taken on an incredible journey of friendship with stops
along the way including the stages of Las Vegas, clubs on the
road, a garage sale in Minnesota, The Rosie Show in Chicago, an
airport in Japan and so much morel



Explain a little bit about the show format?
Curtain Call: Letters to My Friend Louie Anderson! is a show that blends together elements of theatre, storytelling and stand up comedy. The show is based on a series of letters I wrote to Louie after I saw him for the last time at a hospital in Las Vegas and explores the many years of our friendship and crazy adventures.

If you had to describe what working with Louie Anderson was like in a song title. What would that song be?
“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

What made you write this show?
I started writing letters to Louie as a way to begin to process the enormous grief that I found myself in. The show came to life out of people constantly asking me what it was like to work together and be such good friends with him. Louie was a guy that everyone wanted to be friends with. The show is hilarious, heartfelt, sad, poignant, and hilarious all over again.

What’s your favorite part of Minnesota Fringe Festival?
The wide variety of shows, many of which are so experimental and unique. It is really exciting when many performers take a chance on a wild idea they have for a show and being able to see it come to life.

If you had to describe your experience as a Fringe performer this season, in a song, what song would that be?
“Take A Chance On Me” by ABBA

What’s your favorite MN Lake?
Land O’Lakes! Who doesn’t love butter?

Who do you think would win at “bags” Paul Bunyon or Zeus?
Paul Bunyon! He’s gotta have some pretty strong arms after swinging that big ax around all day. Oh hey, Paul. I see you and I’m yellin’ “TIMBER!”. wink, wink

How did you meet Louie and how did you start working for him?
We met at a grocery store. He was doing a promo appearance for KQ for his New Year’s Show. Price check on “New Friendship” in aisle 5, please! He thought I was funny and invited me to open for him. I did. It went great and just took off from there!

What did you learn from Louie?
I learned so many things ranging from a personal level to the professional level. Most importantly, I learned that we really cannot lose our humanity. We need to be actively kind to others. We need to help those we can help. We need to forgive those we can forgive. We need the power of laughter in our lives. Without laughter…there is no joy in life.

What’s next for Jason Schommer?
Great question! I’ve got some stand up comedy shows coming up. I’m working on a brand new one man show about high school. Also, finishing the screenplay that Louie and I had an idea for about small town life. But, first…probably a stop at the Dairy Queen. There is a cookie dough blizzard screaming my name!

Jotería: Our Untold Stories...
August 5-11
Minnesota Fringe Festival

Joteria: Our Untold Stories..
By Gabriel Mata and Adrian Gaston Garcia
Show Details

Joteria: Our Untold Stories... expands the voices, bodies, and notions of the Mexican American identity with movement and storytelling centered around queerness. In a world where brown queer bodies are oftentimes scrutinized for being too fem, too dark, and not belonging in this country and where brown queer voices are shamed for having accents, not understanding English idioms and even silenced from mainstream narratives, Joteria showcases another world filled with beauty, complexity, and even fantasy.

Using art as a medium to process real life, Joteria explores the merging of two worlds that can oftentimes feel at conflict. Through a series of both scripted and unscripted scenes, Joteria wrestles with experiences of the brown queer community, including homophobia, xenophobia, racism, colorism, machismo, domestic violence and alcoholism.

Dates and times for the show:
Friday, August 5 at 10:00PM
Saturday, August 6 at 4:00PM
Monday, August 8 at 5:30PM
Wednesday, August 10 at 7:00PM
Wednesday, August 10 at 8:30PM
Thursday, August 11 at 8:30PM

The Nicollet Diner & Muffin Top Cafe
1333 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN | | (612) 399-6258

Local Minneapolis American restaurant specializing in breakfast all day, burgers, fries & malts. Our coffee shop and bar feature espresso, smoothies, frappes, tea, spiked shakes & craft cocktails.

Bottoms Up
Bartenders of the Twin Cities
Ryan Coit from the Saloon
Tuesday-Saturday Nights

What should we know about you?
I like to keep myself busy. There usually isn’t a day I don’t have something on my calendar. Working the bar at night, running my own photography business by day, And now also do graphic design work. 🙂

Hidden Talent?
Not sure if it’s a talent but one of my pastimes is gardening and I like to think I’m not too bad at it. 🙂

Bartending pet peeve.
Sambuca. LOL

Craziest thing you've witness?
I’ve worked at The Saloon for well over a decade. If you can imagine it I’m sure it’s happened.

Give some advice.
Time is the most valuable thing in life… use it to the fullest.

Reposado Paloma (My Favorite Summer Drink)
Reposado Tequila, grapefruit juice, splash of lime juice, splash of soda water, grapefruit or lime for garnish.

Road to the Runway
Transgender Fashion Models Navigate Their Individual Paths to Stardom
Premieres August 5 on Here-TV

Road to the Runway, Here-TV’s new docu-series premiering Friday, August 5, examines the roles that gender, race, socio-economic status, and familial approval play in the lives of young, beautiful women charting their course toward fashion’s latest frontier: the transgender supermodel. The series profiles the twenty hopefuls competing in this year’s annual Slay Model search. Cameras follow the women to their hometowns to uncover their roots: the environments they were reared in and the circumstances that helped shape them into the beautiful, statuesque, fashionable young women they are today. Executive produced by GLAAD-award winner, Cecilio Asuncion and Phil Anthony, RD Alba and produced by Emmy-award winner David Millbern, Paul Colichman, Stephen P. Jarchow and John Mongiardo, Road to the Runway is an important reminder that these Trans models are more than mannequins: they are daughters, friends, and partners in love, with stories that deserve to be heard.

Among the cities visited in Road to the Runway are Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Florida. In Azle, TX, viewers meet Mylla James who comes from a highly conservative family, yet they support their daughter, joining her at photo shoots and even traveling with her to model opportunities in Los Angeles. “Most home towns we visit on Road to the Runway are not in areas people would consider progressive,” Slay Model founder Cecilio Asuncion reflects. “It’s interesting that in many of the cases, we often find with parents that when it comes to loving their daughters, politics takes a back seat.”

It was evident culturally, as well. Ayden Yee is a 15-year-old track star who ranks second in her state of Wisconsin. She is of Chinese descent, a culture where sons are traditionally deemed as more valuable. Cameras show the Yee family embracing Ayden for who she is; something Asuncion, an Asian American, found especially moving. “It is powerful to witness models who enjoy the support of their families back home. They present as confident and secure. They’re armed with the knowledge that no matter what happens in the model search, they will be ok because they are loved.”

Sadly, not all of the women are so lucky. “The reality is a majority of our models have struggled their whole lives with living as their authentic true selves,” Asuncion continues. “They live in a world where simply walking out of the house takes incredible courage.”

Still, their anguish could prove an advantage in the harrowing world of fashion. “Courage builds resiliency and that kind of tenacity is key to surviving the inevitable pitfalls on the Road to the Runway,” Asuncion contends. “The model life is not an easy one. It is filled with unforgiving scrutinization and unavoidable rejection. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

He makes it clear to the hopefuls in Road to the Runway that his agency, Slay Model Management, is not selling Transness. “It is a fashion model agency and we are selling a young woman’s capability to represent a brand or a designer.”

It takes more than beauty to be a bookable model. It takes determination, grit, and a visceral understanding that the woman is a model first, and Trans second. “As is often the case in model competitions, the real challenge is an internal one,” Asuncion says. “It used to be that women reshaped themselves to fit the industry standard; striving to match the idealized version of a Barbie doll. Today’s fashion industry wants to see the real, unfiltered woman beneath the lashes and lipstick.”

What Trans models have in their favor today – unlike any other time in history – is that clients are looking for diversity and representation. Slay Model Management models have appeared in campaigns for M·A·C Cosmetics, Hyundai, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Germany, Macy’s, Biore’, Eva Mendes for NY and Co., and Savage X Fenty. They have appeared on TV in POSE, Law and Order: SVU, Project Runway, and Netflix’s Next in Fashion. The agency’s first-signed and most recognized supermodel, Arisce Wanzer, who appears in Road to the Runway, has been featured on TV shows like MTV’s Ex on the Beach, and in campaigns for Marco Marco, Opening Ceremony, Truvada, AT&T, Lululemon and Lucky Jeans.

The urge for diversity even accounts for why the show was picked up by the network. “At Here-TV, diversity and inclusion remain the central focus of our programing strategy,” says Emmy-winning actor and producer David Millbern. “Producing Road to the Runway gives us the opportunity to honor and explore the lives of these extraordinary trans women, many of whom are also women of color. Their bravery inspires us.”

“The sky is the limit for these young women,” Asuncion sums up. “From how I see it, it is my job to lead and develop the girl from hopeful to working model. The supermodel part is up to the individual. She must have the passion and drive to go the extra distance.”

The winning model of this year’s annual Slay Model search earns a spot in a M·A·C Campaign, a trip to London to shoot a Carmen Liu Lingerie campaign, a Colors of Love ring and a social media campaign from Faberge', shoes from Lidia Talavera, and a year contract with Slay Model Management.

Lush Lounge & Theater
990 Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 | (612) 208-0035

We are the premier destination for live music, comedy, drag, burlesque and so much more. Lush is a special place tucked away in Northeast Minneapolis featuring a wide selection of cocktails and savory bites.

Your Scene
Get Out! Be Scene!
Featuring TJ Brodie


What’s your favorite bar?
I love the Black Hart in St. Paul, it used to be the old Town House which I spent many a night at. Wes, the new owner bought the bar to be a soccer bar for our new MN team, however, he was smart enough to know that he needed his queer customers to stay in business. He’s done amazing changes in there and he’s kept the karaoke nights with John Welch!

Favorite local performer?
Dina Delicious! She is an amazing performer! You can see her at Lush on Friday nights!

Go to bartender?
Teresa Swanson at the Black Hart. She’s a fantastic bartender and always pours a stiff one! 😂

Where to you like to eat?
Meritage in downtown st. Paul, it is a bit pricey but totally worth it for special occasions! Our favorite on the menu is foie gras.

DJ that makes you dance?
Lenka Paris.

Single? Ready to mingle?
I am very happily married to My Wife❤️ whom I met at the bar Lush over nine years ago. We shared a magical experience that night and bonded us forever.

Share New Single and Music Video
"Stranded" from their forthcoming new album She Said.

The band consists of striking frontwoman Arrow de Wilde, guitarist Henri Cash and brother Bill Cash on pedal steel/guitar, drummer Seth Carolina, and bassist Tim Franco. Starcrawler are winning over new and old fans alike with their contagious new music and dynamic, powerful live performances. Ahead of their new album dropping in September, the band have been on a whirlwind trek across the globe showcasing their fierce and tight musicality, charismatic stage presence and raw energy. The band will play a special celebratory release show at LA’s Troubadour on September 16th – tickets on sale at 10am PT today.

Most recently, Starcrawler opened for Porno For Pyros in their own backyard, with the LA Weekly declaring frontwoman Arrow de Wilde, “manages to channel Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Wendy O. Williams and Michael Monroe at the same time.” Under the Radar caught the band opening for Jack White in the spring and raved they “rolled onstage to start the evening with ’70s-style guitars blazing and didn’t let up,” saying Arrow was a “flailing, gyrating cross between young, female versions of Iggy Pop and Vince Neil” and that they “tore a set of strong tunes…displaying an assurance that might have given other headliners pause in adding Starcrawler to their bill.” Starcrawler will re-join Jack White on his tour in Minneapolis on August 13, and later open for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at All Points East in the UK on August 28th with The Smile, Japanese Breakfast, Robert Glasper and more (see tour dates below).

“Stranded” is the perfect package of infectious hooks with a 90’s throwback vibe that allow the chemistry between de Wilde’s vocal stylings and the Cash brothers wall of guitars to shine. A highlight on the upcoming album, “Stranded” distinguishes the band from other more manufactured fare, showcasing their authentic and unfiltered intensity. de Wilde longingly sings, “Stranded on the side of a one-way street… the stars in her eyes won’t shine on me…” painting a picture of unrequited love. Guitarist Henri Cash shares the story behind the track. “At the beginning of covid I was missing the adrenaline of having a show and driving out to play it, so I would just be driving my car around with nowhere to go and trying to write something and being so uninspired. And then one day I got hit by another car on Figueroa and Highland Park –and it turned out to be Phoebe Bridgers’ guitar player. The song came from that rock’n’roll car crash and became a joke song about Tim’s (Franco) weird crush on Phoebe Bridgers – and then it became about something totally different.”

The music video for “Stranded” captures the lyrical sentiment of the track while also portraying an LA-party vibe complete with a colorful cast of characters as the band performs. The clip was directed by Gilbert Trejo, who also was behind the lens for the band’s latest videos for “She Said” and “Roadkill” – the first two tracks to be released from the forthcoming new album.

On their new album She Said, Starcrawler have fully leaned into their own epic vision of a contemporary Hollywood Babylon and morphed into a modern-day take on LA legends X, with a sprinkle of The Go-Go’s, a smattering of The Distillers, and some Rolling Stones sleaze thrown in for good measure. The songs were made for blaring out of car speakers on warm summer night drives with the windows down and the volume up. The adrenaline-fueled new album was produced by industry titan Tyler Bates, who met the band when they worked together on “Goodtime Girl,” a stand-alone single for DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack.


Starcrawler have shared their new single and music video, “Stranded” – listen/share the track HERE and watch the music video. “Stranded” is the third exhilarating track released ahead of the LA-based band’s forthcoming major label debut album, She Said out September 16th on Big Machine.

Gay 90's
515 Washington Ave S Minneapolis, Mn 55415 | (612) 338-4214

The Gay 90's is the place to be! Gay, straight, friendly, beautiful People.
6 bars, 3 dance floors, dinner, and drag show.

Stream Scene
Shows to Watch!
Featuring They/Them


Kevin Bacon plays Owen Whistler in this slasher horror film set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp. Several queer and trans campers join Whistler for a week of programming intended to “help them find a new sense of freedom”. As the camp’s methods become increasingly more psychologically unsettling, the campers must work together to protect themselves. When a mysterious killer starts claiming victims, things get even more dangerous.

The Basement Bar
511 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401 | (612) 444-7469

Where music, entertainment and fun collide. Indoor food truck + drinks + live music + darts + entertainment. A place for everyone.

Movie Scene
Upcoming Movies
Featuring The Daphne Project

The Daphne Project

“The Daphne Project” stars Daphne Wilco (Zora Iman Crews), actress and social justice warrior, hilariously wreaking havoc on an off-off Broadway production of Euripides’ “The Bacchae” in the name of progress, her progress. Co-directed, written & produced by Alec Tibaldi (the critically acclaimed “Spiral Farm”) and Zora Iman Crews (Amazon Prime ’s “Legend’s Of Sleepy Hollow Anthology”), this quick moving New York centric stage driven feature film invites comparisons to another critical favorite “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with its perfectly timed comedic gems.

515 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415 | (612) 338-4214

The eagleBOLTbar is your local neighborhood gay bar and hub for all LGBTQIA+ people, located in the East Town and US Bank Stadium area. The eagleBOLTbar is respectful of all races, all genders, all identities and all people.
Formerly known as the Minneapolis Eagle and The Bolt, eagleBOLTbar offers friendly, welcoming crowds, great pub food along with a full bar. The patio at the eagleBOLTbar is newly remodeled and expanded and boasts a heated section in the winter.


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