There is no better way to reach the gay community than by advertising with SCENE! That's because we are the #1 online all digital resource of the Twin Cities Gay Scene! We offer the lowest priced digital advertising in town and would love to have your business part of our publication.


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Without the restrictions of print cost, we are able to produce 26 Web Editions a year. Bringing you more editorial, video and audio content than ever before!


With 26 editions a year, we are able to produce 2 Pride SCENE Editions! The first is an EXCLUSIVE printed pocket edition, the second will be an all digital Web Edition. Both essential when attending the Twin Cities Pride Festival!


Below our 2014 calender, giving advertisers and contributors specific dates when things are due. If you are interested in submitting editorial or video, please check the reservation dates, so we save a spot for you!


Download the calender below:


SCENE Editorial Calendar
Here you will find a complete year of reservation and due dates for editorial and advertising submissions.
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Here you can download several file types of the SCENE logo for you to use in your promotional materials.


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